Episode 3655

Australian Air Date: 16th January 2004

Will Tasha come to terms with her true identity? Leah struggles to cope on the first anniversary of Vinnie’s death. Will Noah and Hayley give in to temptation and kiss?

Extended Summary

Kirsty puts her engagement ring on
Kane is visiting Rhys in hospital. As Rhys is unable to talk properly, Kane unsympathetically breaks the news that Kirsty has agreed to leave with him – and they’re not coming back.
The Sutho-Hunter clan, plus Colleen, discover that Tasha’s mother is Angela Russell! Realising the reaction that she is getting, Tasha leaves quickly.


Kane questions what Irene is looking for as Tasha storms into the beach house, demanding to know why Irene never told her about her mother. Irene informs Kane who Angie’s mother was, before asking him to give them a minute. He leaves to see Kirsty, implying to Tasha that perhaps it was a good thing that she never knew her parents. Tasha is furious at Irene’s lies, asking whether she looks like her mother. Irene says yes, and Tasha realises that it’s a bad thing, because Angie was “bad”. Irene tries to convince her that she is nothing like her mother INSIDE – she’s Tasha Andrews. Tasha rejects Irene’s attempts at comfort, still upset at being lied to by someone she trusted.

Colleen wastes no time in informing Alf of Tasha’s parentage, her opinion of Tasha already deteriorating as she wonders what she has picked up from Angie. After all, Angie caused the Sutherland’s so much trouble, and they should be on their guard around her. Alf angrily tells her that Tasha is trying to make sense of her life – she is NOT her mother – and she needs all the help she can get. Colleen agrees to “keep it to herself”.

Beth is visiting Rhys, explaining her plans for the purchase of the caravan park, and he is trying to tell her something. However, when he utters “Kane…” Beth goes on to praise him for his work at the mineshaft – “he risked his own life to get you all out”. She encourages him to put his energy into getting better – hating Kane won’t help, and they all need him back at home.

Outside in the corridor, Irene has explained the goings on with Tasha to Flynn, and now Tasha has disappeared. Flynn thinks that the best way to go would be to tell Tasha the whole truth, especially as she has a grandmother and Dylan out there, but Irene is doubtful – “how the hell do we tell her that her mother was a rotten cow?”. Flynn won’t be budged – they don’t have the right to hide the truth.
Beth exits Rhys’ room, telling Irene that he is still confused. She still doesn’t know about Tasha, and Flynn prepares to break the news.

Kit and Tasha eat ice cream, and Tasha questions Kit about Angie. However, Kit is unable to tell her much – she wasn’t around at the time, but she does tell Tasha that Angie died in Summer Bay. However, Kit refuses to tell her more about the death – she’ll have to ask Flynn. Tasha knows that everyone hated her, and that she should never have “come here”, or trusted anyone, despite assurances from Kit that she isn’t a bad person. Tasha reminds Kit of all the people that she has hurt, before locking herself in the bathroom, smashing the mirror and throwing things around. Kit tries to talk her out, but Kane and Kirsty arrive home, and Kane forces the bathroom door open.

Later, Kane and Kit suggest to Tasha that they get a video to take her mind off things as Irene arrives home with Flynn, both apologetic for the lies – they were trying to do the right thing by her. They concede to tell her everything, but it won;t be easy for her. She and Flynn tell Angie’s story from start to finish – the business with Rhys, the “strange” things that happened, like the fires at the boat shed and the school, Nick’s charge of assualt, her sacking when the truth came out, and Jesse finding her body… Tasha refuses to listen to any more, and Irene assures her that the news won’t change anything. Tasha can’t understand why people are being so nice – “she was a monster!”, and they should all hate her for her mother. After all, she breaks things and hurts people. She runs upstairs.

Hayley arrives to confront Alex as to why he won’t be attending VJ’s birthday party, accusing of selfishness, but he thinks the bad blood between them would drag the party down. She tries to cool him down – after all, they’re still in business together, but he is still hurting from the break up, and f she can’t understand how he’s feeling, then the break up was for the best. He goes to bed, and Hayley sits down to talk to Noah. Noah tells her of Alex’s plans to leave – and she could change his mind. She gets flustered after another long silence looking into one anothers eyes, and leaves quickly.

RANDOM PLACE (morning)
Flynn and Jesse jog, and come across Tasha, who is in the sea fully clothed. Again. She refuses to go home to Irene, before asking Flynn about her brother, and the situation with Rhys. If Rhys and Angie were together, then he could be her Dad. Flynn is quick to confirm that it isn’t the case, but Tasha is in no mood to trust him again.


Noah tries to talk sense into Alex, insisting that if Hayley didn’t care then she wouldn’t have come around the previous night. Lex just wants to move on, but Noah tells him that he must build bridges before doing so.

The party is starting and Colleen arrives with a present for VJ, who is having a “horsie ride” on Jesse. She successfully puts her foot in it with Leah by commenting that she’s glad VJ could have a nice party, seeing as the previous one was ruined. Alex turns up, acting cheerfully, and Leah thanks him for coming. He tells Noah and Hayley that they were both very pursuasive. The phone rings and Leah freezes. Alex answers – it’s their Mum, wanting to say happy birthday. Leah runs out.

Beth is trying to pursuade Flynn to discharge Rhys – the best thing for him would be to be with his family and friends. Flynn reluctantly agrees – but Rhys must come back as an outpatient.

Leah tells Jesse that she misses Vinnie, and she keeps getting “deja-vu” from the phone call the previous year. Jesse is fine with it – he misses his “best mate” too, and he tells her that Vinnie would be so happy about the job she is doing with VJ – a sentiment backed up by Alex – VJ is very lucky.

Jade and Kirsty are helping Rhys to get ready to leave, as Tasha appears in the doorway. She quickly flees, again

They are now back home, with Rhys still oblivious to who Tasha’s mother is. Kit notices Kirsty’s engagement ring, and Jade is horrified – how could she accept it?! Kirsty once again tells Jade that she loves Kane, and he risked his life to save them – surely that means something? Jade knows what it’ll do to Rhys and tells Kirsty that she HAS to take the ring off if she cares.

BEACH HOUSE – Kane’s room
Kane assures Kirsty that everything will be fine once thewy get out of the Bay, but Kirsty is having second thoughts, as her Dad needs help to do everything. Kane notices that Kirsty has removed her ring, and can’t believe that she hasn’t told Rhys – the ring just tells everyone that they are together, and if she loves him then she will wear the ring.

Alex brings some cake out for Hayley, and they talk about him leaving the Bay. She tells him he doesn’t have to go, but he tells her that it’s her call – if she thinks they can work it out, then he’ll stay. She is unable to give him an answer, and he walks off, abandoning the cake.

Beth helps Rhys down the stairs as Jade and Kirsty bicker in the kitchen over her ring. Rhys realises that there is something up and wants the truth. Kirsty holds out her hand, and he is devastated, only being able to utter “No…”. Kirsty’s sorry, but she doesn’t want to lie to him, and he can;t stop her getting engaged. Kane is the man she is going to spend the rest of her life with.

Tasha has packed her bag, not wanting to live there anymore, and Irene wants to talk things over – she belongs there, and if she stays she can meet her real family. Tasha thinks she will be regarded as a freak like her mother, and tells Irene that she can’t stop her leaving. She can look after herself, and Irene shouldn’t worry. Irene is shattered as Tasha leaves…

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