Episode 3654

Australian Air Date: 15th January 2004

Summer Bay learns the shocking identity of Tasha’s mother. Beth faces a major decision as she looks towards her uncertain future.

Extended Summary


Leah and Alex argue.
Hayley finishes with Alex.
Irene tells Flynn it’ll only upset Tasha to know who her mother is and suggests they say she’s dead.
Tasha finds her birth certificate and reads for herself who her mother is.

A thoughtful Tasha walks into the sea and then dive in.

Beth and Scott are talking to Irene, Beth says Rhys is just sleeping and Jade had a bad night. Irene replies that Rhys is a fighter and Beth asks how Irene’s going. She says fine, just tired but the quack says that’s to be expected. Tasha enters and Irene excuses herself. She asks Tasha about a bit of paper she left in a box under the phone and has misplaced it. Tasha asks what it was and Irene says it’s official looking but nothing for Tasha to worry about. Tasha lies that she hasn’t seen it.

Seb sits at Jade’s bedside as she wakes and asks how long he’s been there. He tells her the Nurse let him in early and she tells him the flowers are beautiful. Seb gets emotional but when she asks him if he’s he lies that he’s allergic to the pollen. Beth and Scott enter, Beth tells Jade she can go home today. Jade asks about everyone else, Beth tells her Kirsty is fine and Scott adds that Max is driving Dani mad. Jade asks about her dad and Beth explains he’s still in hospital. Jade wants to see him but Beth replies he’s not up to visitors yet and Jade asks if he’s okay.

Leah repeats what Seb has just told her, that Rhys has brain damage. Alf comes down from the flat shouting that he wants a word with Seb about the $270 he spent on flowers on Alf’s credit card. Seb argues he’ll pay him back but Alf shouts that people go to jail for this, he expected this from Nick not him. Seb assures him again that he’ll pay him back, he’ll work every day and Alf says too right he will starting now and throws him an apron. Leah tells Alf he’s being a bit unfair and then asks if he can make changes to the rosta. A grumpy Alf tells her no because he’s sick of her rowing with her brother. Leah speaks to herself that she’s stuck with Alf in a bad mood and a rosta full of shifts with Alexi.

Dani tells Hayley that she and Alex love each other, surely they can work things out, Hayley replies if she thought that she’d never have finished with him. Robbie gets a minor electric shock and Max berates him for not pulling out the plug. He stands up to pull out the plug and Dani screams at him to get back on the couch. The phone rings and Robbie goes to answer it, he hands it to Max. At the same time Beth and Scott arrive home with Jade, Dani remarks about the presents from Seb and Jade asks after Kirsty. She heads upstairs. Max asks if he can go meet up with Tash and promises not to overdo it, Beth says okay provided Scott takes him. Robbie asks them all to watch the unveiling of his latest invention and as he connects the wires it explodes and everyone screams.

Max describes his ordeal and Tash apologises for not keeping his secret but Max says she did the right thing, he’d be dead if it wasn’t for her. Tash tells him Flynn found out about her real mother and she’s dead, Max asks if she wants to know more about her and Tash shows him her birth certificate. Max offers to help until he sees the name and then hurriedly hands it back telling her maybe its best not to snoop around dead people. He makes an excuse and leaves.

Beth tells Max to open and puts a thermometer in his mouth. Max asks if people are like their parents and Beth replies that they must be a little bit and Max asks about bad people. The phone rings and Beth goes to answer it. Jade can’t believe Dani is defending Kane but Dani says Jade never saw him at the mine, maybe Kirsty’s right there are two Kane’s. She doesn’t forgive him but maybe he wasn’t as bad as they thought. Jade argues that he might have helped dig Kirsty out but he still threatened to kill Rhys. Beth comes off the phone and asks for a calculator, she explains the Caravan Park is going into liquidation and they have seven days to come up with the money. Dani asks what if they can’t and Beth explains they’d have to move out but assures them it’s not going to happen.

Jade remarks that she can’t believe they might lose their home and Seb suggests she move in with him. Jade jokes that Alf probably won’t like it but Seb suggests they get a place together. He starts to tell her something but Tasha interrupts asking for Max and Seb brushes her off. Seb finally tells Jade that he really loves her, she says she’s been waiting to hear it and they kiss.

Alf apologises for being a bit hard on Leah earlier and offers to help her with VJ’s party, Colleen also offers to help but Leah seems upset. Alf asks if she’s okay but she explains that VJ’s birthday party is bringing things back and she thought she’d be okay because she has Jesse. She says she needs a minute and rushes out.

Tash enters and asks Irene when her birthday is and then what her real name is. Irene fobs her off but Tasha demands to know. Irene tells her she’s sorry things aren’t how Tash hoped and when she’s older she can look into it more but for now she needs to just concentrate on the people who care about her now.

Max asks Robbie if its likely that a people can have the same first and last name but be unrelated and Robbie confuses him with is answer. Beth, Scott and Dani sit at the table and Beth replies that they have the deposit but not the mortgage; if she gets a job they could do it but Scott asks if it’s what she really wants. Beth replies its not forever but Robbie suggests that if they pull him and the twins out of boarding school they’ll have the money. Beth thought he enjoyed boarding school but Robbie admits he only said it to keep Dad happy, Beth remarks that its an option and Dani adds that her Dad would need to approve anything before it happens.

Jade wishes she and Seb could spend the night together now they’ve both said the ‘l’ word, she asks what people do after that and suggests what kissing can lead to. Robbie comes out and remarks that he must have made a mistake because he couldn’t figure out why they could hear the conversation. Jade is horrified, Seb makes his escape and Jade confronts Robbie. Robbie, unsubtly breaks it to Jade that he and the twins are moving in with them. Jade confronts Beth and says she can’t live with Robbie. Max teases her and Jade storms out. Dani asks Beth if she plans to stay with Rhys if he is permanently brain damaged. Beth assures Dani that she loves him and has no choice, Dani suggests they shouldn’t buy the Caravan Park. Beth says they might lose the place but Dani replies that she knows what her father would want and he’d want to be in on any decision.

Seb grills Alf about whether he’ll be going to the city to attend the committee meeting, Alf asks why he’s so interested and Seb explains that he was hoping to have the flat to himself. Alf says only a few months ago he was in love with Kirsty but Seb replies that that’s how he knows this is real, its different. He replies that he’s comfortable with Jade. Alf tells him it’s a big step but Seb’s sure, he loves Jade.
They’re interrupted by Colleen and Alf ushers her out, Seb asks Alf if he can have the flat but Alf replies he needs to think about it. Seb gets frustrated and Alf walks out.

Max approaches Beth and says he’s been thinking about Uncle Rhys too, Beth remarks how lucky Rhys is. Max asks what happens if Rhys doesn’t return to normal and Beth replies that she’s thought the same but when she looked into his eyes she saw the person they both loved. Max asks about the Caravan Park and Beth replies that they’ve decided to wait but whatever happens they’ll all be together.

Leah is on the phone to Alex, she hangs up and tells Hayley he’s not coming to VJ’s party. Hayley asks if its because of her and Leah replies that he thinks it’ll be too difficult for them to be under the same roof. Hayley tells Leah to phone him back and say she won’t go but Leah’s having none of it. Hayley’s her friend and she won’t be blackmailed into choosing. Going into the living room, Leah asks why Alex can’t be more understanding, he knows how hard this time of year is for her. Hayley asks if she’s still thinking of Vinnie and Leah replies that soon VJ’s going to ask about his daddy. Leah feels guilty that she has Jesse and is still thinking of Vinnie but Hayley assures her its natural. Leah tells her she always knows the right thing to say and she only hopes Alex realises what he’s lost by letting Hayley walk away.

Colleen enters with chocolate cake to cheer them up. Tasha arrives, asking to see Max, she admits she felt he was avoiding her, they head upstairs to talk. Colleen offers to help set up for dinner and Beth invites her to stay, Jade remarks to Dani that it was obviously what she was angling for. Beth leaves for the hospital. Tasha and Max talk, he’s awkward with her and Tasha asks why he’s weird about her birth certificate. Max makes an excuse and stands up but Tasha gets upset and shows Jade the birth certificate, Jade reads the name out loud and everyone reacts, shocked. Tasha asks whats wrong and Dani covers but Tash is unconvinced and leaves.

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