Episode 3653

Australian Air Date: 14th January 2004

Is it over for Alex and Hayley? The tragedy leaves Kane reassessing his future. Noah is devastated at losing his livelihood.

Fifth appearance, last seen in Episode #3641. Informed Flynn of Rhys’ condition.

Extended Summary

Beth and Flynn talk about Rhys. Flynn explains that he regained consciousness and is breathing on his own but there is still some swelling on his brain, Flynn takes Beth into the room where Rhys lies in the bed. Flynn asks the Nurse for Rhys’s obs and on hearing them tells Beth that Rhys is doing well, he encourages Beth to talk to him. Flynn leaves the room and Beth just looks at Rhys.

Colleen fusses over Max and she tells him it serves him right for scaring her half to death. Max asks if she can take him to see Rhys so he can apologise but Colleen says there is no need because it was an accident. Max talks about the man who came to Colleen’s rescue when she fell off a cliff and explains that he thought the guy was down there when he twisted his ankle and that he thinks the guy was a ghost. He asks Colleen if she’d tell him if there was something wrong with Uncle Rhys to which Colleen replies that she’s sure he’ll be okay he just needs a rest.

Beth talks to Rhys, telling him Kit is nursing a broken heart over Noah, Robbie is reinventing the wheel and doing his foot in, chaos as usual. She tells Rhys he needs to wake up and face the music because she needs him. She breaks down.

Alex is under a car, Noah approaches him and congratulates him on his good news. Alex thanks him and says he was the only one in his corner. Noah jokes that he better not let Hayley hear him say that to which Alex replies that Hayley broke up with him. Noah asks if they’ll work it out and Alex replies that he’s not sure if he wants to because he’s not sure how many times he can apologise. Noah tells him it depends how important his girlfriend is and Alex gets angry, replying that Hayley walked out on him while he was facing jail. Noah defends Hayley and tells him he’s not the only one with problems, the drop in centre is being repossessed by creditors and Noah’s to lose his job. Noah says he should stop feeling sorry for himself and Alex snaps that Noah has no idea how he feels. Noah tells him he does and he knows what Hayley, Leah and Jesse have been through too. He says he should stand behind people with real problems like the kids in the drop in centre and the Sutherlands and Alex sarcastically thanks him for his support.

Beth tells Max that Rhys is asleep and Flynn says they should talk to him and tell him he needs to wake up. Colleen leaves them alone and Max remarks that he doesn’t want Rhys to hate him, that it was his fault for making the shrine and going down the mineshaft. Beth tells him its not his fault and that accidents happen, she’s just glad they’re altogether. She says she’s glad Max is here because she’s run out of things to say so maybe Max can think of something.

Flynn tells Kirsty if she keeps things up she’ll be okay to go home. Kirsty asks about Jade and Flynn says she might have to stay in a while longer because she’s not really responding to her medication. Flynn tells Kirsty to concentrate on herself and leave him to worry about Jade because she was going to be just fine. Kane arrives at the door and Flynn leaves them alone. Kirsty notices his hands and says Flynn said he never stopped digging. Kirsty remarks that she’s glad he did, that her dad was trapped, Jade was unconscious and she thought they were going to die. Kane says he was never going to let that happen. He tells her he wanted to give her ‘this’ the other night and hands her a box. She asks if it’s what she thinks it is. He tells her to open it and find out, she opens the box to find a ring and says it’s beautiful. She asks him how he afforded it and Kane snaps that he didn’t steal it, he saved up because he wanted to give her something she could have for the rest of her life but if she doesn’t like it they can change it. Kirsty assures him she loves it but brings up what he said about her Dad, Kane assures her that he didn’t mean it, he was just angry. Kirsty says that doesn’t make everything okay. Kane asks why she stood him up and she says he knows why. He says if she’d have been with him she’d never have been in the mineshaft and she replies that it wouldn’t have made everything okay. He asks if she wants to try it on and she says not right now, awkward, Kane says ‘happy birthday”and leaves.

Max tells Rhys that he can go home and if Rhys wakes up maybe he can go home too. He asks Beth why Rhys doesn’t wake up if he can hear them if Rhys is angry with him. Rhys flickers his eyes and wakes up, Beth leans over him, tearfully saying hello but Rhys tries to talk and suffers some form of a panic attack. Flynn comes in and says Rhys has suffered a blow to the head which is why he can’t talk. Flynn asks him to squeeze his hand which he does. Beth asks if Rhys wants to see Jade and Kirsty but Rhys manages to communicate that he doesn’t want the girls to see him like that. Beth says that’s fine and Flynn suggests he rests. He and Beth move out of the room and Flynn says the fact that he’s aware of his surroundings is good but that he has no answers about Rhys not being able to talk or whether it’ll be long term. Flynn suggests to a shocked Beth that Rhys needs sleep so she should take Kirsty and Max home.

Jesse walking with Noah up the Beach Path talk about the closure of the Drop in Centre, Noah is all out of ideas but Jesse tell’s him that Hayley is determined to keep the place open. Noah says with Hayley on side he stands a good chance and conversation moves to Alex. Jesse is glad Hayley is free of him but Noah is surprised, he thought Jesse and Alex were friends and Jesse says they were but Leah has enough on her plate without Alex giving her more grief. Noah says Alex ran away because he was scared of going to prison, does it sound familiar. Jesse consents that maybe he knows what Alex is going through but that doesn’t mean he’s going to let him hurt Leah. They see Kane and ask how his hands are. Kane says fine and Jesse tells him he was gutsy but Kane replies that they all thought he wanted to hurt Kirsty. Noah tries to reassure him that people panic in a crisis but Kane’s having none of it so Jesse and Noah walk on. Jesse talks about giving Kane a hard time in the past and Noah asks why he’s willing to give Kane a go but not Alex. Jesse asks Noah if he ever gives up on a lost cause and Noah says not really and departs.

Max tells Robbie about his ghost and Kirsty asks why she didn’t see it but Robbie tells her she’s a non-believer and if she was a ghost would she want to spend time with someone who didn’t believe she existed? Robbie talks about making a ghost detector in the past and Beth says he used it to dry up half the herds milk at the farm. Kirsty asks why he didn’t use it to find them and Robbie says because he knew her boyfriend would find them even though everyone was paying out on him, saying he wanted to kill them all. Kirsty asks what happened and Beth says people were panicking because they were upset and she was sorry but Kirsty gets angry and demands to know what they did to him.

Kirsty and Kane sit on the couch, Kirsty remarks she can’t believe everyone thought Kane would hurt her family or her. He suggests leaving town but Kirsty won’t hear of it, she needs to be around for her Dad. Kane remarks that Rhys is tough, he’ll be fine. He says they’d have no-one to hassle them, they could do anything they want and she says it sounds perfect and they kiss. She tells him she hasn’t tried her ring on yet and puts it on, she remarks that she can’t believe they’re doing this.

Robbie shows Max his latest invention but Max replies that Kit told them all his inventions were dumb. Robbie replies that this one is a prototype but Max asks what the need is, surely anyone can open and shut a fridge. He tries to shut the fridge only to find it jammed. Robbie says he’ll fix it as Max walks away. We hear a thud, Robbie turns to see Max on the floor and accuses him of joking but Max doesn’t move. Robbie realises he’s serious and leans over him trying to wake him up and calling for his Mum.

Flynn tells Max he was suffering from post concussion syndrome, Max says he feels fine but Flynn is keeping him in anyway. Flynn says Max would have had a headache before he collapsed and asks why he didn’t he tell anyone. Max says e thought people blamed him and Flynn assures him it was an accident. Max mentions ‘Uncle Rhys’ but Beth assures him that Rhys loves him and when he next sees him he’s going to give him a big hug. Flynn says she’s right and says if he’s good he can go home today. Beth thanks Flynn as he leaves and tells Max he has to tell her if he has any more headaches Max assures her he will.

Noah moans that he can’t believe Josh is still dumping on them and Alf replies that at least he’s getting what’s coming to him and that those who play by his rules usually do. Flynn comes in and asks for chocolate mud cake because Sal’s using sympathy baby cravings to have loads of chocolate. Alf remarks that he knows, he has to lock all chocolate up or Leah wolfs the lot. Alf asks how Flynn’s getting on tracing Tasha’s family and he says not so good, her mum died a while back and there was no father on the birth certificate. Alf suggests he puts Noah on it because he always thought of him as a good private eye, Noah says he needs all his skills to find a new job. Flynn asks him how he’s going on, Noah replies he’s trying not to think about it because he was hoping he didn’t have to. Flynn agrees that its hard to move on after you’ve put so much into something but assures him he’ll find something. Noah looks thoughtful as Flynn leaves.

Noah asks if Alex is going to give things another go with Hayley and Alex says he’s just writing to a mate. Noah continues to press Alex about Hayley but Alex won’t hear it. Noah tells him that Hayley’s had it tough but Alex replies that it’s not worth it, if he’d have gone to prison they’d have broken up anyway. Changing the subject, Noah asks if he wants food and Alex declines. We hear Alex’s thoughts as he writes the letter. Its to Brodie, he writes that he and Hayley have broken up and that she thinks he might be ready to leave the bay and suggests they might meet up.

Flynn changes Kane’s bandages and tells him he’s okay to scream as long as he doesn’t wake Irene. Flynn asks after her and Kane says she’s sleeping and Flynn replies it’s the best thing for her. Flynn apologises for giving Kane a hard time while the Sutherlands were missing. Kane sarcastically replies that everyone thought he’d hurt Kirst, why should that bother him. Flynn says he has more friends in Summer Bay than he thinks but Kane is unconvinced and explains he’s been fired from the supermarket because he couldn’t stack shelves with his hands. Flynn’s sorry to hear that but if Kane gives the town time they’ll see how good he and Kirsty are together. Kane argues that they wanted to lynch him and Flynn replies suggests that Kane knows why they did that and suggests speaking to Rhys, for Kirsty’s sake. Kane asks if Flynn really believes people will give him a go and Flynn tells him to call him na

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