Episode 3666

Australian Air Date: 2nd February 2004

Hayley is shattered – will she leave the Bay? Tempers blaze in the wake of Alex’s betrayal. Beth has an exciting new idea for the wedding. Kirsty has doubts about the future with Kane.

Extended Summary

Beth and Rhys are unable to elope as Matilda is suddenly taken ‘ill’
Noah professes his love for Hayley, but she insists that she is trying SO hard to make things work with Alex
Hayley witnesses Alex and Brodie together in Yabbie Creek…. and they’re not just out shopping


Hayley drives up outside in tears, but sends Alf away as he enquires if everything is alright

Sally is nervous about the birthing classes, and Leah manages to put her foot in it as she tells Sally not to worry – everyone who’s pregnant goes to birthing classes! Flynn also confesses to being nervous about the birthing classes, and Leah cheerfully suggests that they have a ‘couples night’ sometime soon. As Hayley arrives back, Leah suggests the idea to her – she and Alex can come along! The trio are confused as to why Hayley is so down, but she disappears off into her room, telling them that she’s fine (which, in soapland, tends to mean you’re not… and Sally should well know that by now)

Sally and Flynn tell Noah about the mood that Hayley is in, and he instantly assumes that it was he professing his love that did it. They reassure him, Sally being adamant that Hayley just needs some space.

Leah’s main concern in life is that Hayley and Alex will work things out, as that’s what being in love does to her – she wants everyone to feel the same way.
Hayley walks through, and Leah and Jesse once again take the chance to ask after her… and Alex. Hayley retreats to the kitchen, and is followed by Jesse, whom she confides in – she saw Alex and Brodie together, but they didn’t see her. She feels stupid, hurt and angry, and as she and Jesse hug, Leah stands by the door, overhearing that Hayley doesn’t want her to get involved, and leaves looking somewhat downhearted. Hayley continues, oblivious to Leah having been and gone, and tells Jesse that she HATES everyone interfering, and she can’t believe what Alex and Hayley have done to her – “I should hate them”

Beth tells Rhys that Tilly is feeling better, and Beth reads Rhys’ mind – he thinks she was putting it on in oder to prevent them from leaving. Beth agrees that Matilda is a “manipulative monster” and they’re both disappointed about the crumbling of their wedding plans, but beth now wants the kids to be there. Having a sudden brainwave, Beth doesn’t stop to discuss the plan with Rhys and announces to the less troublesome members of the family (Kit, Scott and Dani) that they’re going on a family picnic. Despite Matilda, Henry, Max and Kirsty not being there to kick up a fuss, the trio aren’t exactly enthusiastic about the idea, faking they’re excitement. Beth, however, is over the moon.

A thunder-faced Hayley bumps into Noah, and having jumped to the conclusion that he and Alex were in it together, Noah recieves an earful for “playing mind games with a dumb blonde”. Noah attempts to defend himself, notlooking entirely sure what she is talking about and claims that everything he said was true – he loves her. She feels sick though – how long would it have gone on for if she hadn’t seen them together? Noah is stunned that she saw them, and Hayley once more accuses him of playing games and storms off. Sally and Flynn approach from the beach, and he tells them of Hayley’s accusations

Hayley tells Jesse that she has to get away, and despite him telling her that running away isn’t the answer she is adamant that she wants time out – and she doesn’t know when she’ll come back…

And Beth and Rhys make their bed, Kit pops her head around the door, having been doing some packing. As she leaves, Beth explains her masterplan to Rhys – the family picnic will actually be a wedding… they’ll herd the entire family onto the Blaxland and take them to a secluded beach somewhere, so that they can’t escape… before they figure it out she and him will be “Mr and Mrs Sutherland”

Scott and Dani take a walk, with Dani horrified about the Blaxland family picnic idea… the only escape will be to jump overboard, and she doesn;t get where the idea came from. Scott speculates it could just be to allow the family to bond – and jokes about the antics taking place on board… Robbie fooling around, Jade and Kirsty sniping at one another, the terrible twins… Dani isn’t convinced, and wants to climb Mount Everest instead… at least it would be easier.

BEACH HOUSE – Kane’s room
Kirsty is telling Kane about the family picnic idea, which she has refused to attend… but Kane assures her that they won’t even be in the Bay by the weekend. She still isn’t convinced that they should be leaving – after all, he’s been offered a job, and that signals the start of acceptance, but he reckons it’s too late – he’s sick of trying to fit in, and it’ll be the easiest thing in the world to make a getaway whilst everyone else is on a picnic.
Irene arrives looking for any dirty washing, and although she enquires whether Kirsty is alright, she and Kane assure Irene that she’s fine. As all three of them leave the room, Irene notices Kane’s bag lying near the door – and it’s not empty.

Jesse breaks the news to Noah that Hayley has gone, and it looks like it could be for a while. Noah is devastated, and tells Jesse how Hayley thought he and Alex were ‘in it together’ – no wonder she was that upset. Noah wonders whether she went to Will’s, but Jesse isn’t certain. Then there’s the question of whether or not Irene knows that Hayley has upped and left.


Noah arrives to let Irene know that Hayley has left the Bay, and Brodie listens into the conversation, before making an appearance. Noah suggests that Brodie explain what has been going on… because Hayley saw she and Alex kissing. Brodie is out of the door like a shot…

Leah is giving Alex the cold shoulder and he can;t figure out why. Brodie arrives to speak to him urgently, and he downs his apron and abandons his job. Not that it’s anything new.
Outside in the serving area, Alf is busy offering Kane the job of head lifeguard, but Kane can’t work out why Alf is doing it. Alf is just trying to prove him wrong – people WILL give him a chance. Kane still rejects the job, thanking Alf all the same. As Alf departs, Kirsty can’t understand why he didn’t accept it, and he waits until they are seated to explain to her that he doesn’t want to parade his scars around… and when she reasons that he could wear a singlet, he insists that they just stick to the plan.

Alex is unhappy about how things have turned out, and wonders how Hayley found out – Brodie informs him that Hayley saw them for herself, but they can’t work out when or where. He wishes he had come clean straight away, which is all very well after the event, and despite being sorry for hurting her, he is unable to change the way that he feels… he doesn’t care what everyone thinks, as all he cares about it her – he loves her.

As Alf serves, Sally and Flynn, Kit enters, shortly followed by Alex, who blanks Alf’s light humoured comment regarding a bloke they used to have in the kitchen who looked “just like” him.
Alex walks straight through to the kitchen, to be faced with Leah – and before she says a word he admits to everything – he’s seeing Brodie, and he’s sorry that Hayley’s gone, but he loves Brodie and he should have come out with it a long time ago. Leah is shocked to learn of Hayley’s departure, and collapses…

Kit and Dani enter, with Kit informing Jesse that they need him at the diner – it’s Leah. Jesse is out of the door and off the job in a split second… you’d wonder how businesses survived in the Bay. Kit must then explain to Dani that Hayley’s run off.

Alf ushers the spectators away from the kitchen door as Flynn, Sally and Alex rally around Leah, fraught with concern. However, Jesse breaks the calm as he storms in, all guns blazing, and demanding to know what Alex has done. It doesn;t get far, as Leagh urges him to calm down, and Jesse carts his beloved off home, stopping only briefly to gove Alex the evil eye.

Leah tries to persuade an overprotective Jesse that she is absolutely fine as he sits her down with a cup of cofee and he wonders why she listens to Flynn’s advise as opposed to his. Funnily enough, it’s due to the fact that Flynn is a doctor… and therefore is guaranteed to be slightly more reliable with the medical advice. He puts his anxiousness down to nerves about the upcoming birthing class, and she reassures him, before getting herself in another stress over the trouble her brother is causing. He decides that the best way to put an end to it is to make Alex unwelcome in their home.

Brodie is defensive of Alex to Irene, claiming that he never meant to hurt anyone, and that she’s just as much at fault – but Irene doesn’t want to hear the excuses. Dani storms in to add her two-penneth into the mix, and is furious at Brodie’s betrayal of Hayley – it was only a couple of days ago that they were all out together. Brodie tries to convince Dani that she didn’t want ANY of it to happen, but Dani’s opinion of Brodie has taken a tumble – she stole someone else’s boyfriend. Irene steps in to offer her level headed opinion – Brodie’s only human, and if Alex was really devoted to Hayley, then nothing would have happened between he and Brodie anyway. Brodie doesn’t want her actions defended, and wants to take responsibility for her mistakes, but Dani is less than impressed at her behaviour in general – “You’re like my sister… I’m so disappointed”

Dani is overly concerned about how Brodie could do that to anyone, but all Noah is concerned about is where Hayley has gone – he has called Will, and there’s no sign of her there. Dani is confused when Scott and Noah refer to Noah ‘pouring his heart out’, and (several years after everyone else in the Bay) cottons onto the fact that Noah is still in love with her. Dani’s can’t believe that Scott knew and didn’t tell her. Noah explains that it wasn’t easy, as he thought Alex and Hayley would make it, and now he doesn’t even know where to find her. Alex arrives back to a frosty reception, with Dani refusing to believe his apology is genuine, and Scott and Noah giving him a hard time about not walking away from Brodie – unable to understand that he COULDN’T just walk away. Alex then throws some of the blame onto Noah – if Noah had confessed his feelings earlier, then he’d have been able to tell the truth, he and Brodie would be happy and the field would be clear for Hayley and Noah. Simple as that, apparently. The arguement between Alex and Noah nearly turns into a fight, but Dani lets them know that there’s nothing they can do – the damage is already done, and Hayley has gone.

As Kane and Kirsty lurk near the kitchen, Irene tries to convince Brodie that running away ‘like Hayley’ won’t solve a thing, but Brodie doesn’t see any other answer to her problems. Upon hearing of her plans to run away, Kane helpfully chips in to let her know that it’s best to have an idea of where she’s going, provoking her to imply that they MUST have thought about it, what with the way they’re being treated. She draws parallels between their situations – she and Alex love one another, but the town will never forgive them for the way they’ve hurt Hayley, and despite Irene’s insistence that that’s not the case, she uses Kane and Kirsty as living proof. They’ve not yet forgiven him, or even accepted that she loves him – small towns have long memories. Brodie retreats to her room and Kane and Kirsty go to leave, meeting Alex on their way out… he tells Brodie that she’s not going anywhere, and asks her to marry him.



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