Episode 3665

Australian Air Date: 30th January 2004

Things will never be the same between Alex, Hayley and Brodie. Will Flynn reveal his secret about Kane and Kirsty? Romance heats up for Robbie and Tasha.

Extended Summary

Robbie and Tasha say that they “really like” one another, and move in for a kiss… however, Robbie’s glasses cause somewhat of an obstruction, holding them up long enough for Irene to interrupt the moment.
The jeweller woman talks to Flynn – she never gets tired of “the look on a girls face when they finally buy the ring”. Flynn observes Kirsty and Kane walking away as she speculates that it’ll be a “lovely wedding”… but Flynn doesn’t look too sure…
Brodie argues with Dani over Alex, with Brodie insistent that Alex loves HER… problem is, that’s not what he’s telling Hayley
Noah talks to Irene, angry with himself for not telling Hayley how he felt, and blaming himself for all the problems, but Irene tries to assure him that he is not to blame for any of it.


Noah comes out of the sea, greeting Hayley, and they dicuss her failure to learn surfing, but it seemed to prove a point – you should never try to teach your partner how to drive OR surf. They admit to missing the good times they had. He asks her how the night out went, and she is apparently nervous “oh, you know… girly… oh, actually you don’t know, do you?”, laughing nervously. After a short silence, Noah starts to tell her something, but she cuts him off, laughing at Alex’s luck in teaching her soccer, and excusing herself to go and see him at the diner.

Alex hits a nerve with Leah as he accuses her of sounding like their mother, and he is surprised by her harse reaction. Hayley interrupts the latest family arguement, commenting on how her relationship with Will and Nick was equally rocky, but refusing to “have” Leah’s brother as a substitute – Hayley has otherplans for Alex. She has planned an evening in at the Palace for them, so that Jesse and Leah will also have the house to themselves. Alex is slow to agree, but the look he recieves from Leah convinces him to go ahead with the idea to hayley’s delight.
She leaves as Alf enters the kitchen, confused by Leah’s latest temper and remarking that she “sounds like someone” when she starts whinging. He then comments that Alex is a “lucky bloke” to have an evening planned with Hayley.

Robbie jokes to Kit and Tasha about Rhys and Beth’s plans to ‘leave them’ for a night, managing to put his foot in his mouth once again when he jokily remarks that they were going to put the kids up for adoption. Kit continues with her tale -they didn’t end up going because Matilda kicked off about being ill, but Tasha is confused about why they wanted to get away for one night. Kit reckons they just wanted some space… before going on to jokingly speculate that they were planning to elope, having to explain to Tasha exactly what the word means. Tasha defiantly states that she would never elope, despite it being quite near the top of the “things to do” list of more than a couple of baysiders right now. Brodie enters just in time to catch the latest piece of gossip – that Beth might be getting eloped, before the phone rings. Tasha instantly knows that it’s Alex, and Robbie and Kit are understandably freaked. Tasha explains that they’re always on the phone to one another, because she can see that they love one another. Kit shows more than a passing interest in this…

Kit goes to explain the situation with Noah, but he spies a hidden agenda – something which she denies. He is messed up though, despite Kit’s insistence that he loves Hayley. She dares him to look her in the eye and tell her otherwise, and he is unable to do so, sparking her to ‘gently’ encourage him to tell Hayley this. He, however, knows that it isn’t that simple, and doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Kit objects – Hayley is already being hurt by Alex, Alex himself is a rat… and she isn’t hurting, as he has helped her so much. He’s actually cautious about getting himself hurt, but he’s never going to know how she feels if he doesn’t try…

Jade bumps into Seb, who has failed in getting his deposit back on the flat, as he ‘wisely’ signed a lease before thinking things through properly. He is still hurting that she doesn’t want to live with him, and she is still trying to convince him that it’s not because she doesn’t want – and it definetely doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to be with him. They kiss and make up, confessing to having missed one another.

Sally is concerned about doing nothing about Kirsty and Kane – after all she is Kirsty’s teacher (for all the relevance that has). They figure that Kirsty and Kane must be breaking the law, as they didn’t have a hope in hell of getting Rhys’ consent, and they don’t believe for a minute that they’re planning on waiting to wed. Flynn tries to change the topic – it’s meant to be THEIR day. They order, joking with Alf, who is pleased to see them so happy, and they tell him that it’s their “six month anniversary” (which, considering anniversaires are annual, doesn’t make a jot of sense).
Alf is worried about Seb – one minute he’s got an eating disorder and the next he wants to move out, and Alf can’t stop him.
As Alf leaves, Sally veers the conversation back onto Kirsty and Kane – should they break the news to Rhys and Beth? Flynn doesn’t seem to think it’ll change anything.
In the kitchen Alf likens marshmallows to car keys – they’re never there when you need them, and Alex decides to walk out of work. Again. Alf and Leah, despite having cash invested in the business, don’t kick up a fuss.

NEAR THE SEA (and some canoes)
A much happier Alex meets up with Brodie, and despite wondering what they are doing (which may be a little obvious) it doesn’t stop them kissing a couple of times before she pulls away, concerned at what they are doing to Hayley – she needs told, and she doesn’t want to be put through more agony like the girls night out was the previous night. He promises that he’ll tell her – tonight

Alex arrives home, and Noah, having picked up Tasha’s psychic abilities, instantly knows that he has been with Brodie. He can tell that Alex is lying when he denies it, but Alex sees it as being none of Noah’s business – and he should just ask (politely) if he wants to get back with Hayley (!). As Noah states that Hayley deserves better, the girl in question enters, and the boys tell her that the arguement was simply over the washing machine. She buys the excuse, and is excited about their impending evening together, having been to get the movie. Noah leaves them in peace, and Alex manages to look happy as Hayley states that it’ll be such a lovely night.


Alex and Hayley watch a movie, but Alex is visibly withdrawn, and opts to tidy up some mess on the table instead of spending time on the sofa with her. She looks after him, confused as he goes into the kitchen, obviously stressed out.

Leah rushes out of work, having Jesse and dinner waiting at home for her. Seb comes down and tells Alf that he cares about him, despite what Alf may think, and as Alf is mithering on about making mistakes, Seb tells Alf that he’s decided to stay. Needless to say, Alf is delighted, and leaves Seb alone with JAde as she arrives to see him. Jade breaks the news that Beth and Rhys won’t be out that night, which spoils their plans. Jade suggests that there’s always the beach…

Robbie and Tasha watch something on the TV, and as Robbie gets up to leave, Tasha asks him to stay – there’s a “really good bit at the beginning” – she should know, as she’s seen it five times. Things between them are gettinbg tense as Brodie comes downstairs, switching the light on and making cheery comments about the movie. Tasha invites her to watch it with them, and the two girls disappear off into the kitchen to make popcorn, leaving Robbie on the couch, smiling after them.

Noah and Kit play pool, joking about the old saying “unlucky in pool, unlucky in love”, Noah correcting Kir that it’s actually “unlucky in cards”. They have a laugh, Noah commenting that she’s a “good mate”. Kit once again opts to stick an oar in regarding Noah and Hayley, assuring him that it’ll work out between them.

Jade and Seb lie kissing by a fire on the beach, and Jade somehow manages to get sand in her mouth, which reminds her of when she was younger. They resume their kissing session, but Seb reckons they should have a re-think… the sand’s everywhere. Jade tells him that they’ll have to live with it – one day they’ll have a place of their own…

Hayley wonders why Alex is taking so long making coffee, but he is making ‘real coffee’, as opposed to instant. He isn’t keen on her suggestion that they take his special coffee upstairs with them, and he doesn’t find Hayley’s joke about seeing his “funny face” in the morning amusing. He plucks up the courage to voice doubts about their relationship but isn’t able to tell her the full story, and instead tells her that he has a headache. Hayley picks up on the oldest excuse in the book, and leaves feeling rejected.

Robbie makes un-serious suggestions about what he and Tasha could do together suggesting window shopping – “I mean, like go into a shop and say we want to buy a window!”, which she regards as being “silly”. She comes right out with a suggestion of her own – “do you want to kiss me?”, not beating around the bush, and after wondering what they do with their noses, they finally get round to locking lips without interruption. They find it “weird” but had no problem with their noses. He makes to leave, but after hesitating, returns to kiss her properly.


Flynn discover Seb and Jade whilst on his morning jog, and Jade tells him that they “must have fallen asleep”… which can’t be argued with. Flynn then goes down to talk to Hayley, who is looking for an answer to a medical question. She asks whether steroids could have long term ‘physical effects’ on Alex, explaining his refusal to let her stay over. Flynn spies Alex and Brodie together in the distance and gives Hayley a hesitant answer – it could certainly be one reason for it…

Flynn arrives, sidelining Sally in order to get a word with Alex. Alex doesn’t want another lecture, but Flynn is tired of lying – Hayley doesn’t deserve it, and he needs to tell her the truth. This prompts another “when will you learn?!” lecture from Leah and Noah, also overhearing the latest rants at Alex, works out that he hasn’t yet told Hayley. This time, Alf refuses to let Alex leave to sort out his personal problems.

Noah arrives to see Hayley, and this time he refuses to let Hayley get away without him saying his piece. He explains that he MUST say it, as he has spent a year trying to convince himself that he didn’t love her… and he does. She thinks it’s too late, but he is adamant that they can get it back. But Hayley has been trying so hard with Alex, and doesn;t want to mess that up. Although Noah comes close to informing Hayley of Noah’s betrayal, he stops short of it, only stating that “whatever happens, I want you to remember that I love you”

Hayley spots Alex sitting on a bench, and prepares to go and see him… but Brodie beats her to it. Hayley watches on in shock as Alex and Brodie embrace, and she finally learns what has been going on…

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