Episode 3667

Australian Air Date: 3rd February 2004

Sally receives devastating news about her career. Will Leah lose Alex if he marries Brodie? Will Flynn and Sally manage to waylay Kirsty and Kane. Romance blossoms between Tasha and Robbie. Tensions mount over the surrogacy.

First appearance. Birthing class coordinator who was intrigued by both Sally and Leah’s presence at the meeting.

Extended Summary

Colleen begs for Max’s forgiveness… which he gives, but he tells her that he’ll never forget what she said
Tasha and Robbie kiss
Leah is frustrated at Alex, and Jesse states that Alex is no longer welcome in their home.
Alex tells Brodie they’re not leaving, and asks her to marry him


Flynn and Sally sit drinking coffee as Flynn ponders how he’ll spoil her once she’s working again (although, with the amount of work HE does, I wonder how he finds time to ‘spoil’ her anyway). Kirsty and Kane enter, and Sally assures a worried Kirsty that she’ll be fine in Yr 12, as Dani was. Kirsty and Kane pledge to support one another. As they leave to sit down, Sally attempts to convince Flynn that it’s their place to find out what is going on re. the wedding rings.
Kirsty voices her concerns about her education to Kane, and he reassures her that she’ll be fine at another school – besides he has already organised everything, and paid the rent on a new place for them. When she continues to worry, he promises her that if she doesn’t like it and think it’s right for them, then they’ll come back.
As Flynn and Sally leave, they are puzzled as Kirsty intervenes to tell Sally what a great teacher she is.

Jesse physically prevents Brodie and Alex from entering the house, despite them stating that all they want to do is talk to Leah – after all, she is Alex’s sister. Jesse bluntly states that Leah’s ‘his girl’, and she could lose the baby if she keeps getting stressed out. Leah, having heard the conversation, enters and permits Alex to be allowed into the house. They just want Leah to understand them. Alex reminds Leah of what she said to him a year ago – she told him not to let Leah slip away, but the time wasn’t right for them then… it is now, and nothing will stop them loving one another. They never meant to hurt Hayley, but nothing will stop them being together and getting married – even if they have to move away.


Max arrives to apologise for Colleen – the other day, he wanted to hurt her but he was just being selfish. He has thought it through, and she was right – he just never thought of her as being old, and it should be him looking after her. They concede that they are friends again

Leah ponders over the situation to Jesse – who is she to interfere if Alex and Brodie love one another? Jesse isn’t too enthusiastic, but Leah has realised that there was no intention to hurt Hayley, and at least Alex is positive about his feelings for Brodie – he was all over the place with Hayley. Jesse still isn’t convinced, and Alex is lucky he hasn’t got Jesse for a brother, and Jesse bluntly states that if Alex were his brother, he wouldn’t be as forgiving as Leah. They decide to forget about it and conncentrate on the birthing class.

Numerous couples, including Sally/Flynn and Jesse/Leah attend the birthing class, where the lady in charge announces, to on-cue shocked noises from various random (and all-but-one evidently voiceless) attendees – that ‘Hannah’ has had a baby boy – after 27 hours in labour. She then goes to welcome the four newcomers, and the expected confusion arises over who’s actually having the baby, and who the parents are. Flynn explains the complex situation – he’s the father, Sally’s the mother, Jesse’s the partner and Leah’s carrying the child.

Tasha is lost in a daydream as she and Irene do the ironing, and Irene deduces that the distraction is a boy, whose name “starts with Robbie”. Irene is horrified as Tasha goes on to ponder that kissing is strange, but it feels good… but that’s nothing compared to the look on Irene’s face as Tasha boldly states that animals mate without kissing. Needless to say, Irene reckons they need to have a chat.

The class watch a taped birth, before discussing labour – Jesse laughs about when Kylie had Rachel, and Flynn jokes about the second stage being known as the “exorcist stage” amongst doctors – and Leah has her own piece to add about VJ’s birth. Sally goes to say something before shutting up, looking evidently out of her depth being surrounded by experienced baby people

Irene and Tasha have painted their nails, and as Irene states that she is off to bed, Tasha concurs that she is tired – yawning loudly as proof. As Irene head upstairs, Tasha waits before darting for the back door.


Robbie is downhearted that Kit is leaving so soon, but she doesn’t see the point of prolonging the agony with Noah, and agrees with Robbie that the “love stuff” makes her nauseous. Max isn’t impressed by the movie that’s on – all they do is kiss (which, seeing as Max has written books on the subject, should really appeal to him) and heads off to bed. As soon as he has left, there are noises from outside… and this time it isn’t Max and Caitlin playing ghosts… assuming it’s possums, Robbie goes to investigate and is subsequently mauled by Tasha on the porch. Kit walks out to catch them with their tongues down one anothers throats and they assure her that it’s purely experimental. Clearly amused, Kit leaves Einstein to continue his work.

Leah reassures a concerned Sally about instinct taking over when she has her first child – it’ll be fine, and they can be there for one another. Sally is seriously considering asking Pippa to come down for a few weeks after the birth, and Leah’s face dros, despite the news that she’ll be getting a break. She rushes off as Flynn comes to talk to Sally, telling her that next session will be about after the birth. They note that the ‘Flanders’ don’t appear to approve of the surrogacy, and Sally tells him that she’s the only woman in the room – aside the instructor – that isn’t pregnant. Flynn reassures her that SHE will be the one who their child calls ‘Mum’, and Sally suggests that he tell that to Leah

Alex and Brodie arrive back to be faced with Irene, who is worrying herself over Tasha. She enquires as to what happened with Leah, and they inform her that Leah won’t be standing in the way. Irene congratulates them on their engagement before heading back to bed, unprepared to wait for tasha to return from her late night wanderings.
Alex and Brodie still can’t believe everything that has happened, but concede that it just feels right, and that they love one another. He removes one of his rings to give her as a ‘substitute’ until he gets her a proper one.

Tasha arrives home to find Irene still awake, and more than ready to condemn Tasha for disappearing off by herself. She refuses to believe that Tasha was out with Robbie AND Kit… until Kit enters to clear things up and make Irene feel rather stupid. Irene apologises, and is downhearted as Tasha states that she wishes Irene would trust her. Tasha heads off to bed, and Irene transfers her worry to Hayley – there’s always something/someone to worry about! Kit tells her that at least there will be one less person once she head off to Uni, but Irene is well aware that distance won’t stop her concerns. Kit bids Irene goodnight, but is stopped as Irene enquires whether she has anything to worry about regarding Tasha and Robbie. Needless to say, when Kit tells her that Robbie’s a sixteen year old boy, and with Tasha looking the way she looks “what do you reckon?”, Irene’s concerns are far from laid to rest!

Alf asks Kane whether there is any news on Hayley, to be told that there isn’t – but she could still be on the road. He wants a chat with Kirsty later, as he is depending on she and Seb for extra lifeguard duty.
Sally and Flynn happen to enter, and Sally is keen to confront Kirsty and Kane. Apparently she was worrying all the previous night – not because of the birthing classes, but because her pupil may be getting married. Flynn decides if she feels *that* strongly about it, they’ll say something. Starting the conversation by joking that they couldn’t be bothered to cook, again, Sally goes on to make the usual “I know this isn’t any of my business” speech, before promptly sticking her nose into their business and prompting them about their trip to the jewellers. Kane tells them that yes, they were buying their wedding rings, but there’s no law against it and it’s just to give them something to look forward to. Kane and Kirsty then decide that they have to go, despite having just sat down, and leave Sally and Flynn, who don’t believe the story for a minute. Flynn and Sally decide to keep an eye on them, as there’s no immediate need to tell Rhys.
Leahdrags Sally off for a word, and apologises for being so full on about the baby – she should keep her mouth under control. Sally tells her not to worry – she had other things on her mind (presumably Kirsty and Kane) and was getting touchy about all the pregnant bellies around her. Sally tells her that she doesn’t want Leah to keep her nose out – she wants her experience.

Sally tells Flynn about her conversation with Leah, and he is glad – as it could get awkward in that sort of scenario. Sally recieves a call on her mobile and is shocked to be told that a new principal has just been appointed for the school … he’ll be there in a week… she’s no longer the principal.

BEACH HOUSE – Kane’s room
Kane has changed the plans for the great escape, but Kirsty isn’t convinced it’ll be as “hassle free” as he makes out. She must go to the picnic in the first place so they don’t get suss, and return to the house to get something. She knows that they won’t leave the wharf without her, but Kane brushes it off – they’ll be gone by then – all they must do is “stay cool” for a couple of days. She still isn’t as happy as he about the arrangements, and he tells her that it’s the start of everything they’ve always wanted – in a few days time, she’ll be his wife, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it…

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