Episode 3670

Australian Air Date: 6th February 2004

Beth and Rhys’ nuptials are mirrored by another secret wedding. A shocking accident leaves two lives hanging in the balance. Celebrations are marred by disturbing news about Kirsty.

Final episode.
Ted’s wife. Celebrant who oversaw Kane and Kirsty’s secret marriage.
Enid’s husband. Took a photo of Kane and Kirsty following their secret wedding.
Celebrant who oversaw Rhys and Beth’s wedding.

Extended Summary

Irene is delighted as Hayley turns up, as she has been trying to get in touch since she found out that she was back in town. Hayley explained that she stayed at Noah’s – on the couch – before enquiring about Brodie. Irene replies that she’s out, but will be back soon, so Hayley decides to wait. For some reason, Irene reckons it would be a good idea to let things be, but her advice is ignored, as Hayley is still bitter towards Brodie – she hurt her, whether or not it was intentional… and she needs to know that.

Seb arrives, puffing and panting, having followed Jade up from the beach, and Jade lets him know of Kirsty’s latest escapade, and the fact that Rhys and Beth are down on the boat waiting to get married. Jade can’t work out how to break the news to the wedding party, and knows that it’ll ruin the day, and although Seb offers to go down with her, she is adamant that she will do it alone.

Rhys paces up and down, anxious to get going, and wondering what is taking so long. Beth attempts to calm him, apologising to the understanding celebrant for the delay. Jade arrives back, seemingly having come from nowhere as Rhys doesn’t spot her until she is almost upon them… she breaks the news that Kirsty isn’t coming… because she’s really sick. Rhys is disappointed, but Beth is her usual rational self.
Robbie has guessed that Kirsty’s absence has something to do with Kane, and Jade gives him a grilling about not letting on that they were back together. They decide not to mention anything, not wanting to spoil the day.
Rhys is getting himself worked up at Kirsty’s attitude – she KNEW that they wanted her there, and she still didn’t put the effort in. However, they decide that eight out of nine kids is enough and they can wait no longer.

Kirsty is worried at the venue being only 30 minutes from the Bay, but all Kane wants is for them to head off into their new life as a married couple. She is also downhearted that she won’t get ther usual veil/dress/flowers for the big day. Kane, however, has got it “all sorted”. They greet a lady (whom Kane refers to as Mrs H? And I’m assuming this is the place Kane spent a while in before returning to the Bay – the people being “a bit strange”) and she tells Kirsty what a wonderful man she is marrying – Kane has spent so much time getting everything right. Kirsty is thrilled, and Kane tells her that he wanted everything to be perfect for her, so that it’s the best day of her life. The lady leaves them to have a moment alone, and Kirsty can’t believe that they are actually getting married

The celebrant makes an ‘opening address’ to the small gathering, commenting on Beth and Rhys’ love, and the celebration to mark their decision to share their lives. She begins the ceremony by asking whether Rhys has the rings.


Kane has trouble finding the rings, but eventually pulls them out.


(Am dialogue-ing the vows, change in setting indicated by — )

KK celebrant: Take the left hand and slide the ring on the finger

Rhys: Beth, please take this ring as a symbol of my love for you

Kane: I promise to be true to you, in good times and in bad

Rhys In sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer

Kane: With all my heart, and all my soul, I will love you forever

Smiles all around on the beach, with the obvious exception of a fed-up Matilda

KK celebrant: Kirsty, we’ll repeat the same process
Kirsty: Kane, take this ring as a symbol of my love for you

Beth: I will promise to be true to you, in good times and in bad

Kirsty: For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health

Beth: I will love and cherish you until the end of my days

Kirsty: With all my heart, and all my soul, I will love you forever

R/B Celebrant: Now it gives me the greatest pleasure to declare you husband and wife… may you go forth in happiness and love as you begin your journey as [scene switch to KK] husband and wife.


Kane and Kirsty share their first kiss as husband and wife, and as Dani takes photros of the gathering at the beach, ‘Mrs H’ takes an instant photo of Kane and Kirsty. She and the celebrant then depart, with Kirsty still stunned that they actually did it… she’s Mrs Kirsty Phillips. Kane makes sure that she is happy, and she assures him that she is.


As the families celebrate, Jade’s mind is wandering. Realising this, and guessing (not wrongly) that her troublesome twin is on her mind, Dani tries to convince her that Kirsty will be fine.

Kane and Kirsty walk side by side down the road, a contrast to the happy family atmosphere on the beach.

Rhys carries Beth over the threshold, and Henry voices his disgust at the folowing kiss. Colleen, however, reckons it’s very romantic – espacially at their age. As the party get stuck into the food, Rhys calls Kirsty downstairs. Jade decides that the moment has come for Rhys to learn the truth – Kirsty won’t be coming down. Jade hands him the note, and he reads it in silence, before handing it to Dani, who reads it aloud
“By the time you read this I will be Kane’s wife… it is not how I wanted it but you left me no choice… I’ll come back, I want to, I love you all so much, but not until you can accept Kane as my husband… please don’t hate me”


Brodie arrives, bearing the news that Hayley is back in the Bay, before Irene gets the chance to point out their visitor. Irene helpfully suggests she puts on the kettle and they can talk rationally, but Hayley’s tone of voice politely tells her to keep her nose out. Irene disappears off upstairs, no doubt to listen through the door for any sound of crockery bouncing off the walls, and upon leaving advises Hayley to “go easy”.
Brodie makes the predicatable “I never meant to hurt you” speech, but Hayley can’t understand why one of her closest friends would steal her boyfriend like that (wasn’t there some friction with Mitch a long time ago?) – especially when everything was going so good on their night out. the previous week. Brodie didn’t do enough to put a stop to it, and Hayley bluntly states that she hopes she and Alex have a nice life together… they deserve it.

In their bedroom, Rhys worries about Dani, and Beth assures him that Dani’s tougher than they think after everything she has been through. It has not exactly been the day they planned.

Kane and Kirsty get out of the car in front of a rather modest (but in my opinion not bad) house, with Kane sure that three hours away from the Bay is far enough. She thinks the house is cute… it has character, and he tells her that the landlord has given permission for them to do some DIY on the place to make it their own. He has paid the bond and a couple of weeks rent… so it’s theirs. The High School’s just down the road, so she can sleep in every morning if she wants to. He then proceeds to lift her up, carrying her towards the door as she protests, calling him a geek and insisting “put me down before you kill yourself!” (which I thought was an odd line). He promises that he will make her so happy… and if she isn’t happy there, then they can go back to the Bay. He then carries her inside.

Kit tells Irene of her Uni plans, as Irene worries about her and Uni life. Kit insists that her head will be in a textbook, and she won’t even notice the ‘downsides’ of Uni life (ie. boys/booze etc). The situation gets mushy as Kit tells Irene she would have never got this far without her – she wouldn’t have a fuiture… but Irene insists that it was Kit herself who put in the “hard yards”. They hug, knowing that they will miss one another.

Kit enters Rhys and Beth’s room to find Rhys alone, and takes the opportunity to apologise for everything, and to thank him for all that he has done for her. She’s glad that Beth found him, and knows that he will make her happy. Rhys assures her that she will always have a home at the caravan park and the pair share a hug, interrupted by Beth. As Rhys sits back down to dwell on things again, Kit steps out into the hall to have a talk to her mother.
Kit worries about deserting the family at such a bad time, but Beth insists that she put herself first, and Kit mentions that her Dad thought she did that anyway. Beth tells her that she should have stood up to Jack – the only reason she didn’t go to boarding school was because she was the favourite, and Jack didn’t want to see her far away. Beth tells her that she HAS to take this opportunity to build a future for herself, and she has confidence in her abilities. Kit breaks up what could be turning into a soppy moment

Later, Rhys address the Suth-Hunter clan, telling them that the day (obviously) hasn;t gone as planned – it should have been a happy day. However, he appreciates that everyone made an effort – except Kirsty, and if she has “chosen to remove herself from the family” it’s her decision, and she shan’t ruin the day. Jade tries to defend Kirsty – she had no idea about the wedding – but Rhys stands his ground. Kirsty’s name is never to be mentioned in the house again. Dani protests that he can’t pretend Kirsty doesn’t exist, but Rhys won’t budge, and leaves to go upstairs.

Beth joins Rhys upstairs to give him a rational viewpoint… whether he likes it or not, Kane DOES make Kirsty happy. Rhys can’t believe what Kirsty is doing with her life – she’s a runaway teenage bride, and she’s cut off from her family… Beth intervenes – surely that’s up to HIM to decide.

Brodie rather cleverly jumps out in front of Hayley’s car. You’d think she was looking for an accident to happen. Against Hayley’s wishes, she climbs into the passenger seat.

Matilda and Henry are making waves (again) as they squabble with Jade and Max about the weird people in the house. Robbie and Scott both choose to back the Sutherlands, opening themselves up for insults from the so-called ‘gruesome twosome’. Beth comes downstairs, fed up of the noise and as she tries to intervene Henry complains that it’s not their fault “Kirsty’s done a runner with her evil boyfriend… I mean, husband… and Uncle Rhys has totally gone off the deep end”. Max leaps to his family’s defence as Beth yells at them to stop, reprimanding the way that Henry is talking about his step-father and his step-sister. Rhys is in unbearable plain, and she wants them to show him some respect, and stop making her so ashamed of them. She’s also lost a daughter… and they’ve all lost a sister… she demands that they start behaving like a family – because that’s exactly what they are.

Brodie tries to explain things to Hayley – she almost left, but she decided that the only thing that would make her happy was Alex, as she lovves him. Hayley isn’t impressed that she put herself first, and wants to drop Brodie at the next bus stop (although I’m surprised she’s that considerate) and srgues that, however much she and Alex are “meant to be together”, it does NOT make what they did alright. As Hayley is busy shouting at Brodie, she fails to see a car heading straight for them on the other side of the road. Hayley swerves, but is unable to regain control as the car plunges head on into a tree.

Dani arrives to talk to Irene, and she is shocked by Kirsty and Kane – Beth and Rhys’ surprise wedding was on the cards, but Kirsty and Kane was such a shock. She notices that Irene doesn’t seem too surprised, and works out that Irene knew more than she was letting on. Irene neglects to mention that Kane actually told her of their plans, and tells Dani she heard ‘something’ from Flynn. She didn’t say anything as she knew if Kirsty and Kane had their hearts set on it, then no one would stop them. Dani asks after Hayley and Brodie – the other great mess – but Irene hasn’t spoken to either for hours. She doesn’t think calling would do any good – either they’ve made up or they’ve killed one another. Dani laughs, knowing that the housework Irene is obsessing over is a mere distraction, and Dani attempts to gove one of them a call.

A mobile rings amongst the carnage. Brodie has been thrown through the windscreen and is hanging out of the car. Hayley, the one wearing the seatbelt, has been crushed into the steering wheel. Both girls are motionless…


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