Hayley’s life hangs in the balance. Sally makes a shock decision about her future. Tasha leads Robbie astray.

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Noah is crushed by the thought of losing Hayley. Summer Bay High is shaken by a tough new principal. Jesse lays down the law to Leah’s overbearing mum.

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Noah and Alex explode with hostility over Hayley. Kirsty and Kane return with an earth shattering surprise. Robbie and Tasha’s relationship causes great alarm.

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Kirsty grapples with the consequences of her announcement. Rhys is torn between bitterness and joy for his daughter. Robbie vows revenge on the new principal. Sally is forced to re-think her future.

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Alex and Brodie farewell the bay for a new life. Will Rhys give Kirsty and Kane his blessing? Jade is appalled by her and Kirsty’s actions.

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Hayley’s shattered self-esteem spirals out of control. Beth is outraged to learn of the boxing match. Seb decides to run for school captain. Jade begs Kirsty to tell the truth. Flynn tells a horrified Noah to pull himself together.

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There’s outrage as Max and Henry fight it out in the boxing ring. The arrival of Kim Hyde sends shockwaves through the Bay. Seb discovers the key to becoming school captain.

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Kim saves Noah’s life. Has Irene lost her job? Noah is forced to lie for a greater good.


Jesse is outraged by Leah’s change of heart. Kane panics when Alf and Scott see his scars. Dani is angered by Noah’s deceit. Jade cracks under the weight of Kirsty’s lie.

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Norman shatters Colleen’s heart. Will Leah tell Sally she’s changed her mind? Will Robbie exact his revenge on Hyde? Has Kane lost his job on the boat?

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Hyde is furious finding his car trashed! War is brewing at Summer Bay High. Seb learns Kirsty’s shocking secret. Have Kane and Rhys called a truce?

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The school is horribly defaced – who is the culprit? Flynn is shocked to hear Leah’s decision. Dani and Kane clash at a family dinner. Beth is suspicious all is not well with Kirsty.

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Will Leah renege on her agreement and keep the baby? Hyde is furious hearing Noah’s advice to Kim. Flynn is worried Hayley’s heading for a big fall.


Kirsty barely manages to escape Kane’s fit of rage. Kim attacks Noah believing he has sold out. Leah is shocked realising Hayley’s been lied to. Will Jade spill Kirsty’s secret?

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A tragic disaster leaves Scott and Kane’s lives in the balance. Hayley’s bandages come off … will her face be scarred forever? Could this be the end for Kane and Kirsty? Matilda and Henry’s scheme backfires!

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Scott and Kane are stranded at sea. Will Rhys get to confront Kane about hurting Kirsty? Hayley hides the fact she knows Noah is lying.


An all night vigil is held waiting for news about The Blaxland. The boat was sabotaged – is Kane responsible? What happened to Kirsty to make her leave Summer Bay?

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Kane is shocked when an AVO is issued for him to stay away from Kirsty. Mr Hyde humiliates his son in front of the entire school. Max receives more than one unexpected surprise on his 14th birthday.


Rhys attacks Kane in a fit of rage. Tasha naively kisses Kim, but has she lost Robbie forever? Hayley is desperate for Noah to come clean.


Hayley gives Noah the ultimate test – will he finally admit the truth? The school erupts with applause as Jade is honoured at assembly. Norman introduces the ‘other woman’ to a startled Colleen.

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