The Nash family lives in fear – Robert is still out there. Chloe has found comfort in the arms of James. Has Joey turned to drugs?


Joey promises to lift his game. What did Robert do to Gypsy when he had her captive?


Chloe decides to give more of herself to James. Is Joey cracking up? Ailsa has a nasty experience on the road.


Is someone stalking Ailsa? Vinnie is back from his romantic holiday – and he’s beaming. Fisher discovers that the bandit graffiti artist is Hayley.

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Robert makes his presence known. Does Justine want Vinnie back? Alf decides he wants to join the gun club.

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Robert is back – and he’s up to something sinister. Chloe rejects James one more time. Sally returns from her secret holiday.

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The Nashes try to deal with the horror of their experience. Could Joey have a mental illness? Hayley gets ready to graffiti again.

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Tiegan blames herself for Joey’s illness. Ailsa shoots Alf! Sally and Vinnie have their first disagreement.

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Alf takes a stand on the gun issue. Robert has the last laugh. Irene seeks help for Joey.

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Joey’s mental condition worsens when he starts having hallucinations. Gypsy decides that she’s no longer going to live in fear. Rebecca is wooed by a local women’s club.

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Joey isolates himself even further. Gypsy loses her cool in class. Is Sally the jealous type? Hayley catches Sam in the act.

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Has Joey injured Irene? Hayley compromises her principles. Are Vinnie and Sally about to come out?

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Will Irene turn Joey in to the cops? Hayley backs out of the graffiti challenge. Justine catches Vinnie pashing Sally.

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Justine is horrified to find Vinnie has lost the big V to Sally. Sam chickens out of a friendly challenge. Joel causes a huge scene at the cricket.

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Tom becomes the local hero. Has Vinnie finally got a real job? Sam overcomes his fears. Fisher runs foul of the law.

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Tom is picked up by an older woman. Has Rebecca joined high society or is she just a fish out of water? Is Fisher going blind?

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Is Rebecca bending school rules? Gypsy gets tipsy and storms out of Fisher’s class. Things are looking up for Chloe and James.

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Joel worries – is Gypsy losing it? Geraldine’s facade is finally broken. Sam puts himself in great danger. Chloe is concerned for Olivia’s health.

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