Ziggy’s drunken antics come back to bite her. Dean is challenged to respond to Willow’s admission. Brody and Simone’s rental application is rejected…but why?


Brody is forced to reveal his dark past to Simone. John and Marilyn fear they will fail Jett when he is allowed home. Bella has to choose between her friends and Simone.


Bella takes desperate measures to win back Raffy’s friendship. Is Jett responsible for the deaths of his soldiers in Afghanistan?


Raffy is accused of the graffiti. Ziggy’s drinking is starting to cause problems. Brody and Simone become ever more isolated.


Bella faces the music after slandering Simone. A disheartened Willow watches Ziggy and Dean grow closer. Will Simone resign from Summer Bay High?


Jasmine struggles to clamp down on her building anxiety. Willow and Dean’s friendship is on the line after Willow’s unwanted proposition.


Jett is more wounded than first thought. Justin and Leah try to fit each other into their busy lives. Jasmine and Robbo go one step forward, two steps back.


Concern for Ziggy escalates as her partying starts to get out of control. Marilyn and John search for ways to help Jett deal with his survivor’s guilt.


Ziggy’s bad behaviour finally catches up with her. Can John and Marilyn derail Jett’s plans to move out? Willow grapples with the shocking news about Dean.


Dean finds the perfect way to distract Ziggy from her Brody woes. With Robbo’s help, Jett reaches out for help. Robbo chases after Jasmine, but in doing so, is he pushing her too hard?


Reliving her past leads Jasmine to a startling realisation. Brody’s hurt by Tori and Justin’s reaction to his news. Leah ponders the boundaries of her agreement with Justin.


Will the Morgans get on board and support Brody in his decision? Bella frets that Raffy will blame her for Brody’s decision. Leah worries about blurring the lines with Justin.


Bella proves to be a challenge for everyone. Have Leah and Justin ruined their friendship for good?


Everyone struggles to deal with Bella’s out of control antics. The bomb shell that is Lustin spreads through the Bay. Alf returns.


Colby finally makes a significant breakthrough with Bella. What is Alf hiding from Roo? Mason places his whole future in jeopardy.


Roo struggles to deal with the fact that Alf and Martha are back together. Will Mason be charged with drug trafficking? Dean supports Ziggy as she begins the car restoration project.


Ziggy and Brody clash over the terms of their divorce. Tori challenges Robbo to step up for Jasmine. Alf realises that John is unwittingly holding Jett back in his recovery.


Robbo’s self-doubt threatens to damage his relationship with Jasmine. Marilyn takes a huge risk when she issues Jett with a difficult challenge. Justin and Leah settle into their new relationship.


When Jasmine goes to counselling, Robbo is confronted with an unexpected challenge. Justin struggles to come up with the perfect date for Leah. Marilyn helps Jett in his search for a new career.


Robbo has a surprising resolution after the counselling session with Jasmine. Roo’s happiness about Martha and Alf being together is turned upside down. Raffy has another seizure.