Brody is playing with fire when Simone returns to work at Salt. Dean’s erratic behaviour begins to concern Willow. Ziggy fears for her marriage, causing Justin to act.


Justin struggles under the weight of Brody’s secret. Raffy’s overwhelmed at the thought of going back to school. Brody works hard to resolve Ziggy’s insecurities.


Mason takes desperate measures to help his sister. Raffy offers Ryder a way out of their relationship. Alf develops a newfound respect for Martha, and is keen to make up for lost time.


Tori’s shocked by Robbo’s decision. Alf’s feelings for Martha are growing. Mason continues to pursue an alternative treatment for Raffy.


Will Jasmine keep fighting for Robbo? Raffy is buoyed by the possibility of partaking in a new trial. Can Mason get Tori over the line? Bella is daunted by her first day at school.


Colby’s unnerved by a visit to the police station. Raffy, Bella and Maggie all struggle on the first day of the school year. Willow steps in to help Dean with a surprise visitor.


Can Karen help Dean face his demons before it’s too late? Cracks begin to show as Brody struggles to juggle Ziggy and Simone. Maggie fights for her students and finds an unlikely ally.


Martha’s getting too close for Alf’s comfort. Simone gives Brody an ultimatum. Ziggy wonders if she is the reason her marriage is failing. The Bay gets a surprise visitor.


Ziggy and Brody struggle to find similar goals for their future. Alf and Martha grow closer over ancient and painful memories.


Dean continues to suffer nightmares. Marilyn is fearful. Jasmine’s heartache spikes when no one has heard from Robbo.


Dean remembers last night’s dream. Willow and Mason struggle to keep the gym going. Ryder takes matters into his own hands to help Raffy.


Jasmine reveals Tori’s dark secret. Simone gets an insight into how troubled Bella is. Raffy and Ryder are caught red-handed with something illegal.


Colby breaks down when Bella runs away. Maggie wins against the Department. Tori feels guilty over Robbo’s behaviour. The community rally to support the troops.


Simone’s attempts to help Bella backfire. Brody’s problematic feelings for Simone escalate. Bella struggles with her negative impact on Colby’s life.


Colby discovers Bella has run. Willow is worried for Dean as his strange night behaviours worsen. Tensions between Tori and Jasmine reach boiling point.


Raffy struggles lead her to a drastic decision. Willow and Ziggy worry about Dean’s mental state. Dean sleepwalking forces him to do something drastic.


Brody makes a bold declaration as Ziggy prepares for their future. Maggie enlists Simone’s help to soothe Raffy’s school woes. Martha panics when she cant contact Roo.


Alf struggles to understand Martha’s irrational need to contact Roo. Mason is struggling with ideas for Raffy’s biology assignment. Colby fears that just as he’s got Bella back, his dark secret could tear them apart.


Colby’s shock decision worries Willow and Dean. A crisis throws Tori and Jasmine in the deep end. Will Alf let Martha walk out of his life once again?


A near tragedy strengthens Tori and Jasmine’s friendship. Colby’s on the wrong side of the law. Alf farewells an old friend.