Ross presents Colby with an awful choice. Tori is blindsided by news of Robbo and Jasmine’s engagement. A guilt-ridden Brody remains torn between Ziggy and Simone.


Tragedy sets Colby and Dean on a dangerous path. Brody is forced to choose between Simone and his marriage.


Is Colby about to cross the line? Alf reaches out to an old friend. Maggie’s maternal instincts flare when Coco is presented with an opportunity.


Alf’s past comes back to haunt him. Will Coco and Ben convince Maggie to make the right choice? Ryder fears retribution from the Morgan brothers.


Will Jasmine discover Tori’s secret? Alf is forced to confront his feelings for Martha. Raffy is mortified by Mason’s interference.


Marilyn attempts to bring Alf and Martha closer together.


Jasmine is torn over whether or not to tell Robbo about the baby. With no change in Willow’s condition, Dean is desperate for answers. Will Colby tell Chelsea the truth about Ross?


Will Willow pull through a second operation? Maggie experiences pre-marathon jitters. Alf and Martha reminisce on old times together.


Ziggy enters the half-marathon to blow off steam, with grave consequences. Brody and Simone take time out to get to know each other.


How will Chelsea react to Colby’s decision? The bay farewells Coco to Cairns and exciting, new opportunities. Is seeing Ziggy in hospital the wake-up call that Brody needs?


Will Jasmine crumble under the weight of Tori’s secret? Bella feels responsible for ruining her brother’s life. What does Colby’s future look like now?


Tori, Jasmine and Robbo showdown. Dean is haunted by his past actions.