Ziggy and Dean struggle to work out where they stand now they’re back in the bay. Mason and Tori clash over his impending medical marijuana trial. Brody and Simone look to the future after selling Salt.


Bella lashes out and hurts Colby. Dean and Ziggy go public with their relationship. Justin challenges Brody to make a fresh start with Simone.


Colby moves Bella into Irene’s in the hope it might help save their relationship. Ziggy and Dean show promise as a couple. Having set Jett up in the city, Marilyn is hopeful life will return to normal.


Marilyn’s alarmed by John’s obsessive worry over Jett. Irene has her work cut out for her as Bella’s antics test her resolve. Loved up Jasmine and Robbo ride the engagement high.


Tori is confronted with the reality that her silence could result in jail for Mason. John has to choose between his marriage and being with Jett. Jasmine struggles to accept her happily ever after.


Will Mason be sentenced to jail time? Are Brody and Simone finally leaving the Bay for good? Marilyn considers the possibility of joining John and Jett in the city on a permanent basis.


Brody says goodbye to Summer Bay. Ben and Maggie dismiss Ziggy and Dean’s friendship as Dean and a shattered Ziggy are drawn closer together.


Dean and Ziggy navigate a new stage of their friendship. Irene and Bella enter WW3 over doing the dishes.


Marilyn and John come to loggerheads over Jett. Bella gets worse before she gets better. Jasmine behaves oddly after the subject of children is brought up.


Alf and Marilyn come to a decision about Jett. Leah and Maggie hatch a plan. The new owner of Salt arrives in Summer Bay.


An intriguing newcomer gets under Colby’s skin. Ziggy fires up about Dean’s secret. Tensions between Ben and Justin come to a head.


Ziggy confronts Dean over a suspicious discovery. Colby gets to know the newcomer. Tori is excited about the scan. Ben tries to get his head around an outrageous surfboard order.


Tori and Robbo discover there is a problem with the pregnancy. Raffy’s medical woes force Mason into action. Jasmine fears Robbo has done a runner.


Bella stumbles in her schoolwork, and Irene wonders whether she’s a lost cause. Justin’s desperate to stop Mason doing something stupid. John is unaware of how much his absence hurts those around him.


Bella makes a friend. Marilyn is feeling neglected, but will John learn from his mistakes? Ben suspects Dean of foul play.


Mackenzie struggles to get to know Dean better. Bella’s decision to move home with Colby takes an unexpected twist. Ben and Dean are forced to think on their feet as the big board order gets underway.


Ziggy encourages Dean to get know Mackenzie. Dean and Mackenzie discover they have something in common. Jasmine makes a big decision.


Jasmine is thrilled when Robbo suggests a road trip. Tori decides to put Robbo and Jasmine’s happiness first. Will an unhappy Mason choose a new path?


Ryder lies to Roo about completing an assignment. Tori makes a decision on her pregnancy. Marilyn struggles with John’s absence.


Bella shocks Colby with an unexpected change of heart. John foolishly places his life in danger. Ryder tests the boundaries with his overdue assignment.