Mackenzie attempts to reconcile with Dean. Is Ben willing to sacrifice his nest egg for freedom? Robbo will do what it takes to find answers; even if it pushes him and Jasmine to breaking point.


Mackenzie tries to connect with Dean by participating in one of his hobbies. Leah tries desperately to help Irene. Raffy and Ryder go one step forward and two steps back.


Irene continues to push away those that care about her the most. Bella stays at the beach house to support Irene but misses Colby. Roo runs interference when Raffy and Ryder refuse to work together.


A brave Irene decides to tell her friends and family about the trauma she suffered as an adolescent. A devastated Ben must clear out the Board Shop. Colby is propelled to support Bella.


Robbo and Jasmine’s world grows even smaller. Irene makes a decision about her future. Colby has a proposition for Bella.


Jasmine panics when Robbo goes off the rails. Colby begins to realise the extent of Bella’s trauma. Dean and Colby make a timely reconciliation.


Bella’s emotions lead her to explode. Ben struggles to do anything. Dean’s first day at work does not bode well.


Dean gets to the bottom of Mackenzie’s hostility towards him. A despairing Maggie doesn’t know how to help Ben. Ryder attempts to repair his friendship with Raffy but she shuts him down.


Robbo gets an ominous demand. Ryder and Raffy drift further apart. Justin gets mixed news about Raffy’s CBD trial. Ben’s growth is short lived.


Justin goes down a dark path in his quest to help a distraught Raffy after her CBD trial is shut down. Robbo finally learns who is after him and why – but it only leads to more questions.


Robbo faces the struggle of his life to survive. Leah offers to help Justin in his battle to support Raffy. Will Bella find the courage to attend a support group?


Mackenzie is aghast to learn of Dean’s ultimatum. Robbo questions whether Dylan Carter could possibly still be alive. Maggie is at an impasse while trying to help Ben.


Ben is pushed to his limits by those he loves. Mackenzie proves she is a match for Colby and Dean. Ryder suspects there is something serious going on with Raffy.


Ben’s wall of strength crumbles. Raffy struggles with life, post cannabis. Ryder learns break-ups have repercussions. Irene appeases Bella, but at what cost?


Bella goes to drastic measures to avoid dealing with her pain. Maggie confronts Ben about his depression. Ryder’s party gets out of hand after he buckles to peer pressure.


Ryder babysits Bella and tries to hide from Colby, but things quickly get out of hand. Colby and Mackenzie struggle to take it slow. Irene’s future is suddenly thrown into question.


Will Dean repair things with Mackenzie and ask for his job back? An overwhelmed Irene questions what to do without Bella’s testimony in court. Jasmine and Robbo are going stir crazy in the motel.


Robbo and Jasmine agree on a new normal. The bad news for Raffy continues. Ben’s erratic behaviour continues.


Ben’s life hits rock bottom. Raffy lashes out at those who care. Robbo goes to extreme lengths to appease the bad guys.


Robbo plays a dangerous game with the enemy. Ziggy struggles to cope with her fractured family. Mackenzie pushes Dean in an unexpected direction.