Ziggy and Brody’s relationship dramas come to a head. Maggie confronts Simone and Brody. Mason’s decision to help Raffy might cross the line.


Raffy changes her mind regarding Mason’s idea. Morgans and Astonis clash as Justin and Leah connect. Marilyn gets some devastating news about Jett.


Dean’s addiction enters into dangerous territory. Marilyn’s fears about Jett are confirmed.


Colby and Willow are shocked when Dean finally comes clean about his problems. A devastated Ziggy is challenged to confront Brody.


Ziggy is devastated when Brody is unwilling to fight for their marriage. Tori struggles to come to terms with what Brody has done. John and Marilyn anxiously await news on Jett.


Purple Day goes off brilliantly thanks to Ryder. Mason and Raffy extract CBD oil. Simone battles for respect.


Dean detoxes with Colby’s help. Leah and Justin have fun.


Jasmine comes to Dean’s rescue. Colby arrives at a life altering decision. Irene lets Bella move in with her.


Colby resolves to tell Bella the truth. Willow tries to stop her family from falling apart. Will Jasmine give up on Robbo?


Colby’s plans hit a snag. Brody and Simone bring their relationship out into the open. Ziggy is confronted as she starts to get her life back to normal.


Justin helps Simone mix with the family. Raffy starts abusing CBD oil.


Will Jett ever be able to walk again? Raffy feels ill after secretly taking a double dose of the CBD oil.


Jett is in denial. Dean saves the day as Ziggy wallows in self-pity on her birthday.


Ziggy feels humiliated. Jett struggles to navigate a wheelchair for the first time. Willow is rattled as she realises how much Dean cares for Ziggy.


Colby makes a startling discovery about Willow. Concern for Ziggy sends Dean off the rails. An explosive confrontation pushes Brody and Simone into new territory.


Brody and Simone take a big step forward in their relationship. Colby recruits Raffy and Ryder to keep Bella company. How much longer can Leah and Justin continue their secret rendezvous?


Is Raffy onto Justin and Leah? Could Leah and Justin ever be more than friends with benefits? Maggie agonises over the part she played in Ziggy’s marriage breakdown.


Tori makes a decision regarding Robbo. Is Justin developing feelings for Leah? Jett’s mood crashes after an exercise session with Mason.


Justin and Leah’s attempts to see each other keep getting thwarted. There’s a surprise visitor at Tori’s ultrasound. Jasmine makes a dramatic decision involving Robbo.


Willow’s struggle with Dean’s attraction to Ziggy comes to a head. Justin begins to suspect that he and Leah are not on the same page with their arrangement.