Robbie and Tasha marry in a private, romantic ceremony. Amanda’s duplicity threatens Leah and Dan’s happiness.


Leah and Dan’s wedding day has finally arrived. But will Amanda’s meddling stop them making it down the aisle?


Tensions abound as Leah and Dan’s wedding reception unfolds in truly dramatic fashion. Amanda’s deception is exposed. The tensions between Peter and his parents come to an explosive head. Hayley struggles under the weight of her confused feelings for Kim.


Pippa, Fisher, Sophie and Blake return to Summer Bay. Hayley ignores her heart to make a life changing decision. Robbie and Tasha are determined to keep their marriage a secret. Pippa has some stunning news for Sally.


More favourites return as Summer Bay gears up for Alf’s 60th birthday bash. Beth is stunned by the news of Robbie and Tasha’s marriage. Blake tries to make amends with Sophie. Sally is blown away by Pippa’s big announcement.


Current and former Summer Bay residents gather for the celebration of the year. But none of them are prepared for the deadly event that is about to befall them.

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Shockwaves ripple through the Bay as the aftermath of the tragic accident unfolds.

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Summer Bay is in mourning in the wake of the deadly accident. Peter begins his hunt for the killer.

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The hunt for the killer intensifies. Hyde and Irene are at loggerheads. Robbie and Tasha officially commence their life together.

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A second victim is nearly claimed as the search for the killer continues. Robbie has trouble adjusting to married life. Leah returns from the honeymoon hiding a shocking secret.

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Jesse realises the shocking identity of the killer. Buckling under the weight of her secret, Leah reveals the truth to Dan.

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Struggling under the weight of his earth shattering realisation, Jesse makes a life altering decision. Cassie tells Ric she’s ready to take their relationship to the next level.

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Shockwaves ripple through the Bay as the killer’s identity is revealed. Cassie and Ric prepare for their big night.

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As the killer languishes behind bars, the victim’s funeral is marred by the shocking re-appearance of an enemy from the past. Cassie and Ric’s night of passion does not go according to plan.

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In the aftermath of the funeral, Irene’s life spins out of control. Robbie and Tasha are forced to face a few home truths about their new life as a married couple.

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Irene fights for her reputation in the wake of her arrest. Tasha and Robbie’s domestic troubles reach a head

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Irene’s decision leaves her loved ones reeling, as they race against time to find her. Kim and Hayley grow closer. Diana tightens her grasp on Olivia’s future.

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Jesse makes a dramatic departure from Summer Bay. Irene defies the law in a desperate bid to keep Olivia from Diana’s clutches. Alf confronts his feelings of guilt over his involvement in Chloe’s death.

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Irene and Diana’s battle reaches a stunning climax. Ric is left reeling by the stunning realisation that Cassie is cheating on him. Kim and Hayley share a passionate kiss.

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Ric lashes out at the other man in Cassie’s life, with crushing consequences. Tasha and Robbie set up home.

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