Brett’s maniacal scheme reaches a stunning climax. A ghost from the past threatens Ric’s place in the Bay. Diesel’s obsession with Sally intensifies.


Assured of his feelings, Diesel makes a move on Sally. Matilda flirts with danger when she falls for Ric’s nemesis.


Matilda’s night of partying ends in tragedy. Sally’s career is on the line in the aftermath of the scandal with Diesel. Dan is forced to confront his true feelings for Leah.


Matilda’s life is on the line in the wake of the accident. Sally’s left reeling as Diesel’s deceit brings her career crashing down around her. Ric’s anger reaches boiling point.


Diesel’s web of lies closes in around Sally, with shocking consequences. Jesse tries to make amends.


Sally fights for her family as the ramifications of Diesel’s allegations continue. Ric’s obsession with bringing Callan down could ruin everything for him and Cassie. Jesse makes a life altering decision.


Scott goes to desperate lengths to save his relationship with Hayley. Josie’s big secret is exposed. Jesse’s announcement sends shockwaves through the Bay.


Matilda again falls victim to Callan’s charms, with devastating consequences. Hayley’s confused in the wake of Scott’s proposal.


Summer Bay is in turmoil in the wake of Matilda’s abduction. Ric goes to violent lengths to get rid of Callan for good.


Matilda fights to escape her captor. Scott and Hayley’s relationship reaches a crisis point. Cassie fears Ric has feelings for Matilda.


Can Ric save Matilda before it’s too late? Diesel’s threat leaves Sally shaken. Jesse suspects that Josie has feelings for Scott.


Sally’s world comes crashing down around her as Diesel goes to drastic lengths to make her pay. Leah and Dan are exasperated as they struggle to contend with their warring mothers!


Sally struggles to regain control as Diesel holds her and Pippa hostage. Desperate for an escape from Helen and Noelene, Dan has a stunning proposal for Leah. Josie’s feelings for Scott bubble to the surface.


Dan and Leah decide to elope, but will they go through with it? Scott and Josie share a passionate kiss..


Hayley discovers Scott’s deception with tragic consequences. Kim and Scott come to blows.


Hayley’s world is turned upside down. Scott’s devastated as his relationship with Hayley crumbles around him. Peter and Noelene have a heated showdown.


Hayley faces the toughest decision of her life. Chloe makes a shocking return to the Bay. Fearing she’s losing him to Matilda, Cassie makes a stunning proposal to Ric.


Chloe reveals her painful secret to Jesse, as her past catches up with her. Ric is forced to deal with his confused feelings for Cassie and Matilda.


Jesse’s the victim of a violent attack as Troy closes in on Chloe. Ric attempts to win Cassie back.


Josie discovers the shocking truth about the paternity of Hayley’s baby. Chloe fights for her safety when she finally comes face-to-face with Troy. Scott and Hayley confront their feelings for one another.