The desperate race is on to find Sally as she’s held captive by the Stalker. Peter finds the final clue in the Stalker’s puzzle.


The shocking identity of the Summer Bay Stalker is finally revealed.


Sally battles the Stalker for her life as Peter races against time to save her. Will the Stalker succeed in getting their ultimate revenge?


Summer Bay is in turmoil in the wake of the chilling climax to the Stalker’s reign of terror. Tormented by her experience, Sally contemplates a life changing decision.


The battle is on the save the town from the hands of ruthless developers. Scott’s jealousy intensifies as Kim and Hayley grow closer and Cassie gets a sign from beyond the grave.


Morag’s quest to discover the truth about the resort could cost her life. Matilda falls for the mysterious new guy in town and Cassie sneaks out of the house, defying Sally.


Morag warns Josie she won’t be intimidated, despite the attempt on her life. Ric is forced to lie to cover for Cassie and Matilda’s crush on Diesel deepens.


A lie by a friend puts Leah in the firing line with the police. Scott feels increasingly alienated in his relationship with Hayley and Cassie’s challenge to Ric gets a shocking result.


Scott and Hayley’s relationship is in jeopardy as the pregnancy threatens to come between them. Kim teeters on the brink of a life changing decision. Robbie fears Tasha’s making a huge mistake over the resort.


Lives are on the line as a protest against the resort takes a tragic turn. Morag learns the truth about the resort – the Bay is set to be changed forever.


Peter hunts for the attempted arsonist in the wake of the attack on the resort office. The tension between Kim and Tasha reaches boiling point, and prompts Tasha to make a stunning decision. Dan discovers the truth about Leah’s deception.


A violent showdown puts Hayley’s baby at risk. Leah begs Dan for his forgiveness, but can their relationship be salvaged? Tasha moves in with Robbie.


An explosive secret lies waiting to be discovered. Matilda’s walking on air after her date with Diesel – but is she heading for a fall? Hayley is forced to make a heartbreaking decision.


Will Kim learn the truth about the paternity? Matilda’s crushed by Diesel’s rejection, as the real object of his desire is revealed. Colleen risks her life savings on a new venture.


Morag’s left reeling when she stumbles across the shocking past of her nemesis. Martha finds herself on the wrong side of the law in the fight against the resort. Ric and Cassie share their first kiss and Diesel’s infatuation with Sally deepens.


Morag issues Josie with a stunning ultimatum as she confronts her about her 1989 secret. Diesel’s obsession with Sally takes a violent turn. Martha schemes to sabotage the resort.


Has Josie committed murder to cover up her past? Matilda’s new attitude leaves her friends and family reeling. Ric goes to desperate lengths to protect Matilda. Henry’s out to discover Diesel’s secret.


Drunk and out of control, Jesse forces himself on Leah. Matilda’s rebellious attitude lands her in grave danger. Ric and Cassie feel the wrath of Sally over their deception. Henry discovers the truth about Diesel’s past.


Dan is devastated when he discovers Leah’s lies. Kim springs his friends breaking the law – will he dob them in? Matilda’s isolating herself from everyone.


Dan lashes out at Jesse, as his relationship with Leah reaches crisis point. Josie’s duplicity continues. Irene declares war on the Surf Club.