The Stalker plants a bomb at Colleen’s Murder Mystery fundraiser – then a real murder takes place. Robbie’s commercial could spell the end for him and Tasha.

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Mass lives are at risk as the stalker’s bomb counts down to zero.

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Morag suspects Josie of murder. A misunderstanding tears Robbie and Tasha apart and Ric’s attempt to kiss Cassie turns disastrous.

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Cassie’s hiding a dark and haunting secret. Robbie flirts with someone else in an attempt to make Tasha jealous – but will his plan backfire? Colleen and Joy square off: the granny war has begun! Irene’s wary of Beth and Hyde’s growing closeness.

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Hayley’s devastating loss could start a new chapter in her life. Ric’s concerned by Cassie’s behaviour. Peter receives some startling information about Marc and Irene has a shock proposition for Hyde.

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Who killed Marc Edwards? The hunt for his murderer is on. Morag and Josie clash in a fiery exchange. Colleen is crushed when she learns the truth about Tasha’s involvement in the pageant and Josie’s decision shocks Tasha to her core.

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Peter’s hunt for the stalker takes a stunning twist, as another victim meets a grizzly end. As her departure draws closer, Josie’s request leaves Tasha reeling, Peter gets an unpleasant blast from the past.

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Peter is attacked by the stalker. Tasha decides to leave Summer Bay. Irene and Josie go head-to-head over Tasha.

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The stalker lurks in the shadows as the Miss Groper Pageant unfolds. Robbie confronts Tasha over her treachery. Cassie relives a horrifying memory.

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Tasha and Josie bid a sad goodbye to Summer Bay. The Miss Groper Pageant is marred by tragedy.

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Cassie’s thrust in to a living nightmare, as a ghost from her past makes a crushing re-appearance. Hayley’s romantic turn for Scott takes a strange twist. Martha makes a move on Jesse.

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Hayley’s life is changed forever when she learns she’s pregnant. But is Scott or Kim the father of her child? Zoe declares her love for Kim, blissfully unaware that Hayley’s secret could blow their happiness out of the water.

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Hayley’s revelation leaves Scott and Kim reeling. Irene’s jealousy of Beth spills over.

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Lives are shattered in the wake of Hayley’s announcement. The Stalker manufactures a life threatening accident. Jesse and Martha struggle to hide their relationship from Alf.

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Peter confronts the Summer Bay stalker. Cassie hides a devastating secret about Ben. Love is in the air as Robbie’s 18th approaches.

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Peter fights for his life as he struggles to escape the stalker’s grasp. Cassie reveals her heartbreaking secret to Ric. Beth receives a shock visitor. Robbie’s 18th birthday is a bumpy ride.

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Cassie makes a chilling discovery. Alf’s tear jerking memory puts the Anzac Day celebrations into perspective for the kids. Graham finally opens up to Beth.


Cassie makes a brave stand against Ben. Zoe’s heartache leads to an explosive public showdown. As Hayley, Scott and Kim wait anxiously to discover who the baby’s father is, the Stalker switches the paternity results!


Hayley, Scott and Kim are presented with the paternity test results. Who is the father of the baby? Peter’s plan to catch the Stalker ends in tragedy. Jesse and Martha’s secret relationship is exposed.


Zoe’s death at the hands of the Stalker sends shockwaves through the Bay. Josie makes a shocking return. Martha gets a blast from the past.

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