Episode 4010

Australian Air Date: 22nd July 2005
UK Air Date: 6th January 2006
Writer: Phil Sanders
Director: Cameron Welsh

Irene fights for her reputation in the wake of her arrest. Tasha and Robbie’s domestic troubles reach a head.

Extended Summary

Olivia emerges sad, asking why the police took Irene away. Hayley and Kim swap a look, the poor little girl. Morag and Hyde wait in the police station, as Irene’s led out by Rice. She’s seething as the conditions of her bail are read to her. Rice thinks she’s lucky Diana didn’t have her charged! Hayley tells Diana that Irene’s not a violent person, but Diana disagrees – the woman’s unstable and she intends to make sure the tribunal see that. Hayley pleads with Diana to ease up on Irene, she’s grieving – but Diana has no intention of doing any such thing. Back home, Irene’s a bundle of fury. Morag reminds her she’s not doing herself any favours. Irene gives a heartfelt response about the misery Diana gave Chloe and how she won’t allow Olivia to be subjected to the same. Diana makes a phone call to a friend in the city, asking her to do some digging on one Irene Roberts. Meanwhile, Hyde admits to Kim that he’s increasingly taken aback by Irene’s behaviour.

Tasha searches the house – she can’t find her nail polish. Matilda borrowed it. Tasha’s unimpressed when she finds the bottle’s empty. Robbie arrives for work at the diner. High jinx fun as Robbie tackles a sink full of dirty dishes with steamed up glasses. Meanwhile, Tasha’s feeling awkward being home alone with Beth. She retreats to her room, unhappy. Robbie’s in the kitchen – handing out all the wrong orders to a flustered Colleen. Colleen ends up sending him home early and says she’ll be in touch. Robbie arrives home, tired and dirty, but Tasha is so happy to see him. That is, until Robbie says he’s got to do his assignment and asks her to go and watch telly with Beth. Ahhh! Not what Tasha wants to hear!

Rob’s been up all night doing his assignment. Tasha says as soon as rent comes in from the apartment, they’ll be fine, but Robbie wants things to be equal. Robbie looks tired and Tasha offers to make him a special breakfast – but when they get to the fridge all of their bagels are gone. Robbie and Tasha are frustrated. It’s costing them a fortune to live at home. Tasha knows – especially when they can live rent-free at the apartment. Tasha’s relieved, when Robbie expresses that they have to get out of there. Next week!

On the beach with Hayley and Kim, Olivia starts asking questions about Hayley’s baby. Hayley and Kim smile, diverting difficult questions. Then Olivia becomes a little sadder – she never knew her daddy – her Uncle James was really nice to her, but Troy was mean. There’s a moment of silence then Olivia says – I miss mummy so much. Hayley holds back her tears as she comforts her.

At the mediation, Morag presents her case for Irene. There’s tension as Diana responds to some of the allegations Morag’s making about the way she behaved with Chloe. Diana’s solicitor then presents her case and Irene’s character is dragged through the mud. They raise the assault, the AVO, Irene’s alcoholism, the fact her own children were taken from her. Irene’s ropeable. The meeting wraps up and the mediator would like everyone to reconvene at two o’clock tomorrow. Diana gloats to Irene that she better enjoy tonight with Olivia because it will be her last.

Early the next morning, Irene quietly leads Olivia down the stairs. Olivia wonders where they’re going. Irene explains they just have to go away for a while, just the two of them… She leaves a pre-written note on the table and leads Olivia out – Irene’s running off with her!

Guest Cast




First episode. Mediator for Diana and Irene’s custody battle over Olivia.

First episode. Diana’s lawyer who assisted in her custody battle for Olivia.

Third appearance, last seen in Episode #3937. Took down Irene’s statement at the police station.