Episode 4009

Australian Air Date: 21st July 2005
UK Air Date: 5th January 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Cameron Welsh

In the aftermath of the funeral, Irene’s life spins out of control. Robbie and Tasha are forced to face a few home truths about their new life as a married couple.

Extended Summary

Hyde thinks its inexcusable Irene didn’t tell Diana about the death; Irene thinks its inexcusable Hyde’s not supporting her in this! Later, Diana spots Hyde in the diner and asks him (nicely) to make Irene see sense – or she’ll have no choice but to get the police involved. Hyde informs Irene of Diana’s request to see Olivia. Irene’s furious, but Hyde tells her the reality is that Diana’s the girl’s grandmother, she has every right to see her – and the police will tell Irene so if she keeps Diana from Olivia for much longer. Is that what she wants? Next day: Irene tentatively takes Olivia to meet Diana. Diana focuses completely on Olivia (who’s pleased to see her Nanna). Diana virtually ignores Irene, completely cold with her. Irene watches, suss.

Tasha hasn’t got any clean shirts. Did Robbie do the washing he promised? Robbie admits he hasn’t and promises he’ll get straight onto it, but he wants a kiss first! They start kissing and it looks like things might go further, until their intimacy is interrupted. Robbie returns triumphantly with a basket of washing – Tasha pulls out one her white shirts – it’s pink! What has Robbie done?! Oops sorry… They’re interrupted by Beth – Robbie used the last of the powder and she’s a little miffed. Robbie and Tasha placate her – they’re going shopping now.

After the meeting, Irene is cold with Diana – you’ve seen her, now go… Diana has no intention of going anywhere. She will be fighting for custody all the way and she’ll win! The conversation deteriorates, with insults soon being flung and Irene punches her!

Nose bloodied, Diana tells Hyde that Irene attacked her. Hyde’s furious, checking that Diana’s okay. Diana pretends she doesn’t want a fuss made, so as not to appear vindictive. Hyde’s wound up, apologising for Irene’s inexcusable behaviour. Once he moves off, Diana smiles to herself.

Irene’s unrepentant, saying she’d clock Diana again if she had to. Hyde tries to get Irene to see that she’s losing the plot but Irene is not in any frame of mind to listen. Hayley breaks up the argument. Hayley is firm and direct with Irene, saying her behaviour is unacceptable and soon it will start affecting Olivia. She needs to hose this situation down before things get out of control.

Irene approaches Diana and the women each present their points of view and it’s clear they’ll never agree. Irene suggests they stop the nastiness and let the tribunal decide. Diana agrees.

Tasha and Robbie arrive home with the shopping and they’ve spent more money than they planned. Beth points out that the phone bill has come in. Robbie groans –they’ve just spent all their money on the shop! Beth suggests they better start budgeting then – rent is due soon too.

Constable Fitzgerald serves Irene with an AVO because of her attack on Diana. Irene’s angry – Diana’s done this to make her look bad in tribunal tomorrow. Irene marches up to Diana and rips into her. A slanging match erupts, until Hayley intervenes – do they have any idea what they’re doing to Olivia?! Irene marches off and Hayley tries to reason with Diana about how good Irene is with the kids she takes in… Diana gives her a nasty smile: ‘If Hayley’s an example – unmarried and knocked up – she doesn’t agree. Her grand-daughter’s not being brought up by trash.’

Robbie and Tasha finally have a moment alone on the couch. They start kissing, but are interrupted again! Later, things seem to be looking up, as Leah tells Robbie there’s a few shifts coming up at the diner if he’s interested? Robbie is! Irene is still seething about Diana, when Constable Fitzgerald returns to place Irene under arrest for breaching the AVO!

Guest Cast



Fifteenth appearance, last seen in Episode #4002. Arrested Irene following her breach of Diana’s Apprehended Violence Order.