Episode 4008

Australian Air Date: 20th July 2005
UK Air Date: 4th January 2006
Writer: Sandy Webster
Director: Cameron Welsh

As the killer languishes behind bars, the victim’s funeral is marred by the shocking re-appearance of an enemy from the past. Cassie and Ric’s night of passion does not go according to plan.

Extended Summary

Over dessert, Cassie tells Ric she never thought she’d meet anyone she trusts and loves as much as him. Most of the relationships she grew up around weren’t good. Ric understands where she’s coming from – his Dad treated his mum badly. I love you Cassie. I love you too…

Hayley reckons it took a lot of guts for Jesse to face Alf, but Alf thinks he’s a gutless wonder. Hyde, Irene and Olivia return back from the city. Irene’s relieved Sally and Jesse arranged the funeral. Alf tells Irene he needs to tell her something about Jesse. Irene looks a bemused – what about Jesse? Meanwhile, Sally’s with Jesse at the police station. Jesse reckons Alf is right – he deserves to rot in hell! Sally asks if he’s going to the funeral, but as far as Jesse’s concerned he’s caused enough torment.

Ric tries to kiss Cassie and Cassie makes light of the nerves they’re both feeling. Cassie – we both want this, right? So what’s to be nervous about? And with that Cassie leads Ric up the stairs.

Irene’s angry – she can’t believe that Jesse did it! She wants to confront him! Hyde and Hayley do their best to calm her down but she just gets more furious. Olivia, witnessing Irene’s rage, gets upset and runs upstairs. Feeling terrible, Irene calls out to her.

Cassie and Ric have slept together and Cassie comes downstairs a little quiet and subdued. Ric follows and asks if she’s okay? Cassie assures him she’s fine – but Ric’s not so sure. Later that night, Cassie sits alone, staring out at the stars, crying. Next morning, Ric comes downstairs and Sally and Flynn explain Cassie went out early. Ric’s worried and takes the opportunity to speak with Flynn, explaining how he and Cassie slept together and now she’s avoiding him. Flynn explains the psychology of sexual abuse is very complex and even though Cassie felt she was ready, perhaps it triggered something for her. Flynn thinks the best thing to do is talk to her.

People arrive at the funeral; sombre looks all around; Sally lays her flowers; the service begins; Kim supports Hayley; Alf’s racked with guilt; Flynn comforts Sally; Colleen wipes away a tear; Irene struggles to hold it together for Olivia. Meanwhile, Jesse’s at police station, racked with guilt. He’d give anything to say goodbye properly but he knows he’s caused enough pain…

‘Ashes to ashes, dust to dust…’ as Chloe’s casket is being lowered. A car pulls up in the distance, and Diana arrives. Irene’s face turns to anger as Diana joins in the ceremony, laying a wreath in Chloe’s memory. She smiles at Olivia and approaches. Irene flares, ripping into Diana telling her to leave – she’s got no right to be there! It’s quite a spectacle!

Ric tracks Cassie down – he’s sorry if sleeping with her triggered something. Cassie admits a part of her always believed she wouldn’t have a full life because of what happened to her, but last night she felt safe with Ric. She thinks it’s lovely that he got concerned about her – but she’s okay…honestly. Ric smiles and there’s a sense of deep love and commitment between them.

A hand places flowers on Chloe’s grave – the bearer is Jesse (N/S police officers standing in the background). Jesse gives a heartfelt apology and goodbye to Chloe. He is so, so sorry…

Guest Cast


Return episode, last seen in Episode #2719. Visited the Bay for Chloe’s funeral with plans to take Olivia back with her, much to Irene’s fury.


Second appearance, last seen in Episode #3864. Presided over Chloe’s funeral.