Episode 4007

Australian Air Date: 19th July 2005
UK Air Date: 3rd January 2006
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: Cameron Welsh

Shockwaves ripple through the Bay as the killer’s identity is revealed. Cassie and Ric prepare for their big night.

Extended Summary

Jesse’s charged with manslaughter by Peter and taken in to custody. Meanwhile, everyone thinks Jesse’s done a runner… Alf’s furious, thinking Jess beat Troy up to cover his tracks. Martha is tired and worn out – the physio’s taking its toll. Seeing her like this further fuels Alf’s anger towards Jesse. He reveals Jesse was responsible for the crash and Martha’s stunned! Alf looks to her, anxious about her reaction. Finally, Martha speaks. Is Jesse okay? Alf doesn’t understand why she would care if Jesse’s okay? Martha explains she doesn’t have the energy to get angry at Jesse. She needs it all to get better. Frustrated nobody shares his fury, Alf storms into the Police Station wanting to know if they’re any closer to catching Jesse. Peter explains that Jesse turned himself in. In the interview room, ashamed and guilt-ridden, Jesse listens as Alf yells abuse at him from the counter.

Cassie enlists Matilda’s help preparing a meal for her special night with Ric. Wazza supposes Ric’s got everything he needs for his night of passion? Ric goes quiet – well, actually… Outside the general store, Ric says he can’t do this – Madge works in there – it’s too embarrassing, but Wazza says he’s can’t let fear of embarrassment stop him. Ric hesitates – will he go through with it? Ric finally grabs a packet and they head towards the counter to discover Colleen standing there –filling in for Madge! Oh no! Colleen sees the boys and Ric quickly shoves the packet behind his back and pulls out a bottle of hair gel. Wazza can’t believe Ric chickened out. Ric defends himself – there’s no way he’s buying condoms from Colleen Smart! It’d be round town in no time. Wazza gets an idea – leave it with me… and heads out.

Alf delivers the news that Jesse’s turned himself in. Relief and surprise from the others but Alf hopes they lock him up and throw away the key! Leah’s quiet and Dan pulls her aside – if she wants to go and see him, she should. Leah admits she doesn’t want to – Jesse didn’t even come to say goodbye to her. Sally can’t help but wonder what he’s going through right now – it must be hell. Alf makes it clear that anyone who goes to see him is a traitor.

Jesse’s waiting in the interview room when Sally is led in. Jesse tells her the whole story: after Chloe rejected him at the party, he drank a lot, drove home drunk and when he woke up the next morning he couldn’t remember a thing. When he found out about Chloe’s death he was as angry as everyone else, he had no idea it was him. It wasn’t until he went back to the crash site that his memories of the accident came flooding back – he remembers driving, he was all over the road, then headlights and swerving the car… Sally’s heart breaks for Jesse. He knows he’s hurt a lot of people but he’s getting what he deserves and he hopes that will give them some comfort.

Ric’s waiting anxiously as Wazza passes him condoms from his personal supply. Ric surprised he had them all along and asks why he didn’t say something earlier! Wazza smiles, it was more fun watching Ric squirm. At the house, Cassie asks Ric if he’s ready. Ric nods – are you? Cassie simply takes him by the hand and leads him out to the patio area where a romantic dinner awaits him…

Jesse’s explained himself to Alf – he felt he owed it to him after what he put him through…put them all through. Alf remains quiet, staring at Jesse, taking it all in… Alf asks him – you done? Jesse nods. Alf leans in and quietly says to him – ‘if you think I’m gonna make you feel better, you’re wrong. You’re a murderer, Jesse, and as far as I’m concerned, you can rot in jail!’

Guest Cast


Ninth appearance, last seen in Episode #3990. Assisted Ric in his quest for condoms.

Informed Warren that Madge Wilkins had stepped out of her store to run an errand.


Jesse McGregor’s date of birth on his arrest record is 23/11/1973.

Madge Wilkins runs the grocery store in Summer Bay. She is yet again mentioned but not seen, and is good friends with Colleen.

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