Episode 4006

Australian Air Date: 18th July 2005
UK Air Date: 2nd January 2006
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Cameron Welsh

Struggling under the weight of his earth shattering realisation, Jesse makes a life altering decision. Cassie tells Ric she’s ready to take their relationship to the next level.

Extended Summary

Jesse walks along the cliff top, staring into space, still in shock from the realisation that he killed Chloe… A cacophony of sounds play out in his mind –the screeching of tyres; the shattering of glass; Chloe’s laughter; Irene crying… In his caravan, lost in a daze, Jess holds Chloe’s red dress – the guilt he’s feeling is unbearable. He comes across a full bottle of bourbon, places it on the bench and sits back – just staring at it… Jesse breaks his reverie and picks up the phone to call his daughter, Rachel, and tell her that he loves her very, very much…

Ric’s still pretty down after the accident and Cassie does her best to be supportive. She tells him how scared she was when she found out about the accident – she could have lost him. Sally asks Peter how the investigation is progressing and he explains that soon they’ll know the make and model of the car that ran them off the road.

Jesse hangs up his phone, grabs the bottle of bourbon and starts to scull it. It looks like he’s going to down the whole thing… But he stops himself, spits out the alcohol and drops the bottle… He slumps to the floor, heaving with tears. The guilt of killing Chloe is simply too much to deal with…

Ric goes for a swim to clear his head and Cassie opens up to Matilda about her feelings for him – she reckons he’s the one. Matilda understands completely – look at Robbie and Tasha.

Jesse’s halfway through packing when there’s a knock at the caravan door. It’s Sally – she calls out to see if he’s home? But Jesse remains silent – until Sally leaves…then he continues packing.
He finishes writing a note, which he leaves on the counter, grabs his bag and heads out…

Left alone with Ric, Cassie asks how he’s feeling. Ric admits he still feels sad, but he’s starting to put things in perspective. Everywhere he looks there is so much beauty – the beach, our friends, us… He knows it sounds corny but Ric reckons they have to make the most of now. Cassie smiles.

Jesse arrives at Summer Bay house to pay up. Sally thought he was staying for Chloe’s funeral – but Jesse simply says he’s had a change of plans… He makes a heartfelt goodbye to Sal and Flynn and thanks them for being such great mates, adding that he never meant to hurt anyone. He then goes to the Surf Club to say goodbye to Hayley. They’ve been close friends for a long time and it’s a touching moment between them, but Jess can’t bring himself to look Alf in the eye…

Cassie asks Sally if her and Ric can have the house tonight. She wants the night to be something special. Ric comes home and Cassie tells him when you feel this way about someone you want to share everything with them. Ric realises that Cassie is ready to take things to the next level.

Sally goes to clear Jesse’s caravan and finds the letter sitting on the counter. Sally’s stunned by the shocking realisation it was Jesse… Meanwhile, Jesse heads away from the Club hating himself, he gets inside and speeds away…

Sally tells the others. The response is shock and anger, especially from Alf, who’s furious that Jesse didn’t come clean – and even more furious he’s done a runner! However, at the police station, Peter looks up to see Jesse standing near the doorway. The men make eye contact and without any words, Peter simply ushers him through to his office. Jesse’s given himself up…

Guest Cast


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