Episode 4011

Australian Air Date: 25th July 2005
UK Air Date: 9th January 2006
Writer: Susan Hore
Director: Catherine Roden

Irene’s decision leaves her loved ones reeling, as they race against time to find her. Kim and Hayley grow closer. Diana tightens her grasp on Olivia’s future.

Extended Summary

Morag has a go at Diana for her dirty tactics in mediation yesterday. Diana defends her actions –it’s hardly her fault that Irene has such an appalling track record as a human being! Irene, meanwhile, pulls up at a roadhouse with Olivia. Olivia wants to know where they are going, but Irene can’t answer. All she knows is she wants this girl as far from Diana as possible.

Hayley accidentally bumps in to Kim and they find themselves in close physical proximity. Both try to keep it light, but the increasing sexual awkwardness between them is clear. Hyde comments on Irene and Olivia – he really is bemused about where they could be… Then Hayley spots the letter on the table… When Irene sees that Hyde is trying to call her, she turns off her phone and tells Olivia they have to go, accidentally leaving Olivia’s toy behind on the seat… Concerned about the consequences of her actions, Hyde takes off after Irene.

Diana arrives early for the mediation so she can spend some time with her granddaughter. Hayley and Kim are immediately on edge and Diana picks up on it. She asks where Olivia is. Hayley and Kim cover, but Diana is suspicious. She sits herself down – they don’t mind if she waits, do they?

Meanwhile, Irene races back inside the roadhouse to get Olivia’s toy but it’s not there. She turns to see Hyde standing there with it. Hyde wants to know what she thinks she’s doing. Can’t she see the trouble she’s causing for herself? He firmly lists the reasons why this won’t work: it’s bad for Olivia; bad for Irene; what about Hayley, Kim, Tasha, her responsibilities? What about him? Irene breaks down in tears, sobbing.

Morag and Diana’s counsel have arrived – Irene is now thirty minutes late. Hayley and Kim try to stumble out another excuse, but Diana cuts over them – she’s calling the police. Hayley reluctantly opens her mouth to begin when… Irene, Hyde and Olivia arrive back. Irene immediately offers a story about a flat tyre, she’s so sorry for being late. Diana smells a rat but has no choice but to back off. A close call…

Hayley and Kim lead Olivia out whilst the mediator considers her verdict. Olivia’s a little gloomy and Hayley does her best to buoy her, offering kind words and knowing the right things to say. Kim watches Hayley with a deep fondness. He thinks their baby’s going to be one lucky kid as she’s going to make a great mum. The urst builds between them.

The mediator has evaluated the propositions by each party for custody of Olivia. She believes that where possible, family is always the best option – so Diana is being awarded custody. Irene’s frantic, and Hyde and Morag have to work hard to calm her down. Diana could not feel more triumphant.

Irene starts to say goodbye but Diana is quick to hurry Olivia along. Olivia soon becomes distressed at being taken away. It’s heart breaking as the mediator, Diana’s counsel and Diana lead Olivia out, as she calls that she wants to stay… Irene?! Irene calls back through her tears, saying that she loves her… then the door closes behind them. Everyone’s affected by the emotion of the moment but Irene is utterly devastated as Olivia is taken away.

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First episode. Mediator for Diana and Irene’s custody battle over Olivia.

First episode. Diana’s lawyer who assisted in her custody battle for Olivia.