Episode 4012

Australian Air Date: 26th July 2005
UK Air Date: 10th January 2006
Writer: Sabour Bradley
Director: Catherine Roden

Jesse makes a dramatic departure from Summer Bay. Irene defies the law in a desperate bid to keep Olivia from Diana’s clutches. Alf confronts his feelings of guilt over his involvement in Chloe’s death.

Extended Summary

Irene is still struggling to come to terms with Diana getting custody of Olivia; her upset replaced by anger. Meanwhile, in prison, Jesse explains to Sally that he’ll be transferred within the next few days. Then he’ll have his hearing, plead guilty and be sentenced. Sally tries to encourage Jesse to seek some representation, but Jesse doesn’t want any help – doesn’t think he deserves it.

After their experience with Olivia, Hayley and Kim agree the most important thing for a child is to feel safe, in a family – and that’s what Kim wants him, Hayley and the baby to be – a ‘family’. It’s a loaded moment… But Kim simply puts his arm around Hayley in a warm, intimate gesture.

Morag and Alf bring Martha home from the hospital. Sally comes to see her and fills her in on Jesse’s situation. Alf thinks it’s insane that they care, but Martha thinks Jesse going without representation is what’s crazy!

Irene thinks Hyde must feel a sense of relief, knowing Olivia won’t be staying with them for good? This raises the flaw in their relationship which has become apparent to both: Irene’s house will always be open to kids, whereas, Hyde doesn’t want the responsibility of being a carer forever.
Their discussion is interrupted by the phone ringing – it’s Olivia, her voice wavering – she doesn’t like it at Diana’s and doesn’t want to stay there. Irene tells her she’ll settle in time, but Olivia becomes teary, begging Irene to help her. Devastated, Irene decides to confront Diana.

Martha tells Alf she wants to talk to Jesse. Alf can’t believe his ears, but Martha exclaims that he can take her or she’ll get someone else to, either way – she’s going. At the station, Martha is straight down the line with Jesse – she reckons it would be the biggest travesty of all to let it ruin another life (Jesse’s).

Irene pulls up outside Diana’s house and rings the bell as she reaches the security gate. Diana’s voice comes out of the speaker ordering Irene to go – or she’ll call the police

Martha asks Morag to represent Jesse. Morag agrees – if Martha can give him another chance, then so can she. Alf thinks they’re both out of their minds! Martha prods him to tell her what is really going on for him? His anger towards Jesse is eating away at him…there’s got to be more to it. After some hesitation, Alf reveals how guilty he feels for not helping Chloe more. Martha makes it clear that Alf has to stop feeling this way – there’s nothing he could have done. It’s all small comfort for Alf but Martha’s wisdom makes him face his own guilt. Sally, Flynn, Scott, Martha and Morag say goodbye to Jesse as he is transferred to a bigger holding place. Alf stands back. His anger has subsided a little after his talk to Martha and, although he makes it clear he won’t forgive Jesse, he offers an apology for his behaviour last week. Then, just at the last second, Leah comes in and they share a hug, as Jesse is led out.

The furious Irene is still ringing the buzzer, but she’s being ignored. Then Olivia appears from the house and runs up the gate saying how much she hates it there – her Nan’s being really mean to her. Irene’s blood is boiling, but the conversation is soon cut off by Diana storming out of the house announcing that the police are on their way – she either goes now or she’ll be arrested!

Back home, Irene is frantic about Olivia’s situation. Until, Diana’s son, James Fraser, arrives, explaining he’s the executor of Chloe’s will – and there’s something in it which changes everything…

Guest Cast




Return episode, last seen in Episode #2803. Returned from London to inform Irene of the startling contents of Chloe’s will.

Sixteenth appearance, last seen in Episode #4009. Oversaw Jesse’s farewell to his friends at the police station.

Arrivals and Departures

Jesse McGregor (Ben Unwin)
Was relocated to a city jail pending his final hearing on Chloe’s manslaughter.

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