Episode 4004

Australian Air Date: 14th July 2005
UK Air Date: 29th December 2005
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

A second victim is nearly claimed as the search for the killer continues. Robbie has trouble adjusting to married life. Leah returns from the honeymoon hiding a shocking secret.

Extended Summary

Jesse storms towards his car in the surf club car park, head full of steam. He bumps into Colleen – dropping his wallet and Troy’s address. Colleen sees it. Tasha wakes Robbie up at 6am to go for a walk and watch the sunrise over the beach. Robbie tries to roll over – he usually sleeps in, but Tasha drags him out… Robbie’s thrilled to see Beth and Matilda are having pancakes. He grabs a plate but Tasha pulls him up – she’s already prepared muesli. Matilda teases – these pancakes are so good!

Scott’s concerned when Colleen reveals Jesse was off to see a Troy somebody… Alf wonders if maybe they should call Peter? Scott doesn’t think so, Jesse hasn’t done anything wrong yet…

Leah and Dan arrive home from their honeymoon and tell Scott they have just seen Jesse pull up at the surf club. Scott finds Jesse – he knows he went to track down Troy, what did he do? Jesse reveals that Troy wasn’t home – he waited all night but he never came back. Jesse’s anger at Troy is still evident and although Scott tries to calm him down, Jesse refuses to listen… Jesse spots Troy and beats Troy severely (all of his rage re: Chloe’s death comes out). Dan, who’s nearby, sees what’s happening and pulls Jesse off Troy – oh my god Jesse, what’ve you done? Peter arrests Jesse for the assault on Troy. Jesse says that mongrel got what he deserved but Peter tells him Troy was definitely innocent – Jesse’s stunned to hear this.

Robbie gets a call to go for a drink at the club. Tasha’s surprised he agreed to go – she thought they were going to unpack the rest of her stuff today? Robbie feels guilty and stays to help her…

Tasha putting all of Rob’s old clothes into a bag to give to charity. Robbie can’t believe it. He seeks some brotherly advice and asks him if it’s normal for woman to change everything? Scott just smiles – this is just the beginning, mate – knock it on the head before it gets out of control! Robbie tries to say something – but it’s not easy. He stumbles on his words and Tasha wonders what he’s trying to say? Robbie can’t bring himself to do it.

Peter asks Jesse if he’s clear on his bail conditions and gives him a stern warning. Things could have been much more serious – he’s lucky Troy is alive. Alone on the beach, Jesse breaks down and grieves. The first time he has cried since Chloe’s death. Scott finds him and comforts him…

Robbie finally tells Tasha how he feels about her re-arranging his life! Tasha’s stunned by his reaction. She becomes quiet – and explains she was just trying to do the right thing.

Robbie comes to apologise – but Tasha’s been thinking about some of the stuff he said and he’s right – they have to find a balance with all this stuff. As a peace offering, she’s put his picture of ‘Mitzy’ back up on the inside of his wardrobe. They’re about to get amorous when they hear the voices of Beth and Matilda. It’s an instant turn off. Tasha can’t do it – it’s just too weird…

Leah arrives home and pulls a pregnancy test from her bag…

Guest Cast


Fourth and final appearance, last seen in Episode #4000. Was violently bashed up by Jesse in a fury over his alleged involvement in Chloe’s death.