Episode 4003

Australian Air Date: 13th July 2005
UK Air Date: 28th December 2005
Writer: Sam Meikle
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

The hunt for the killer intensifies. Hyde and Irene are at loggerheads. Robbie and Tasha officially commence their life together.

Extended Summary

Concerned how fast Irene’s trying for custody of Olivia, Hayley tries to talk to her, but Irene snaps at her, sick of everyone assuming they know what she’s thinking! Morag cautions Irene about the reality of the situation – Diana is Olivia’s grandmother and Irene isn’t. Irene vows to fight Diana all the way if she has to. Hyde listens in, shaking his head.

Everyone’s reeling from the accident and who could be responsible, when Alf returns announcing it looks like Martha will be able to walk again. At last, some good news! Jesse comes in and it soon becomes clear he hasn’t heard. Alf looks to him– there’s been an accident. It’s Chloe…

Tasha and Robbie know it’s not a good time but they have to tell Irene. Tasha’s moving into Robbie’s, so they can live as a couple. They brace themselves, but Irene simply responds – as long as you’re happy… Tasha’s unpacks her stuff in Robbie’s room: a teddy bear on the bed, a new girly, quilt cover. Robbie’s a little thrown by the new look- it’s not exactly his cup of tea but he bites his tongue.

Jesse arrives and Irene tells him what happened at the hospital. He’s outraged! How the hell did they miss something like that? Irene explains nothing could save her. But nothing seems to calm Jesse, especially when she mentions the other driver. Jesse’s shocked to hear the accident may have been deliberate. Jesse tells Peter it’s obvious Troy did this. Peter says he’ll be exploring all possibilities but right now Troy can’t be contacted. Jesse thinks this proves it and he’s not going to let him get away with it!

Alf apologises to Duncan for accusing him. Duncan says given his past he doesn’t blame him. He explains that Roo’s accident put everything into perspective for him, and although, he has a long way to go before he regains people’s trust, he’s changed, and is determined to get his life back on track. Alf’s proud of his son for the first time in years.

Peter tells Jesse Troy’s credit card was used an hour up at the coast at the same time as the accident – so he wasn’t involved. Jesse’s convinced Troy found some way to make it look like he was elsewhere. Peter warns him not to get involved but Jesse doesn’t listen… Peter expresses his concern over Jesse’s anger to Alf. Meanwhile, alone, Jesse lashes out – a man on the edge.

Hyde tentatively tells Irene how he feels. Taking in a young child is not something he wants at this time of his life. Irene doesn’t take too kindly to this and rips in to him – the girl’s mother has just died, she’s got no one… and you say that! Later, a calmer Irene approaches Hyde and apologises for her behaviour, but her house is always going to be open to kids in need and that will never change. If that’s not something Hyde wants from his life, then they have a problem.

Robbie comes into the bedroom to find Tasha has thrown out some of his clothes she’s never seen him wear. He can’t believe it, but Tasha says she had to make space. Robbie’s further horrified she’s taken down his poster of ‘Mitzy’ (the bikini clad model). He walks out of the room, and Matilda can’t resist teasing. So Rob, how is married life?

Jesse scribbles something on to a pad as he finishes a phone call. The calls ends and we see – it’s Troy’s address. Jesse darkens. What is he going to do?

Guest Cast


Final episode. Returned to the States after re-forging his relationship with Alf.



Henry Hunter has decided to return to boarding school following the success of his tap-dance tour.

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