Episode 4002

Australian Air Date: 12th July 2005
UK Air Date: 27th December 2005
Writer: Dan Bennett
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Summer Bay is in mourning in the wake of the deadly accident. Peter begins his hunt for the killer.

Extended Summary

Alf walks past his presents and sees one from Chloe – the card says – ‘Happy 60th Alf. Can’t wait to celebrate your 70th with you. Love Chloe’. Alf takes it in, his heart sinking… Meanwhile, Irene tries to make sense of it all – She was fine – How can you die from a fractured arm? Why didn’t the doctors spot it? What am I going to tell that little girl…? She returns home with Hyde and Olivia asks if her mum is with them? Irene shakes her head – Love, I need to tell you something…

Hayley asks Martha the latest re: her spine and Martha says they’re waiting for the swelling to go down before they can find out the reality of her spine condition, (if she’ll be able to walk again). Ric’s angry – why would someone do that and then just drive off? Kim tries to rationalise, but Ric’s convinced the other driver deliberately ran them off the road. At the accident scene, Peter notices the tyre-marks on the road clearly show the unknown car didn’t swerve until moments before the cars clipped each other – indicating it wasn’t an accident! Later, Peter explains to Alf that forensics found some red paint marks on the Chloe’s car. Alf goes quiet as the realisation suddenly hits home – Duncan was driving a red car…

Alone with Ric, Martha opens up about her fears that she may never walk again – she’s always been such an active person. She fights back the tears – the thought terrifies her. Ric’s says he’s sorry, but he and Alf had to move her. This is the first Martha has heard of it and she goes quiet.

Colleen wonders what’ll happen to Olivia now? Sally’s sure Diana (her grandmother) will take her, but Irene interjects – Olivia’s not going with that woman. Sally and Hyde are surprised by Irene’s outburst, but Irene won’t hear of it. Chloe wouldn’t want it, she’s staying here with me!

Martha’s not saying much and her silence is not lost on Alf. He asks her if everything is okay. Martha turns to Alf and looks him deep in the eye – you moved me? Alf’s heart sinks.

Duncan arrives – he came as soon as he heard. Alf grabs him angrily and accuses him of killing Chloe. Duncan denies having anything to do with it. Peter arrives and informs Alf the paint they lifted from Chloe’s car isn’t a match to Duncan’s car. Duncan looks to Alf. Hurt, he walks out.

Martha admits she was shocked by the news they moved her, but she’s grateful to Alf and Ric. They saved her life and she knows whatever happens they will get through this together. She’s a fighter and she’ll be okay. Flynn comes in and tells them the swelling on her spine has gone down a little. Alf is holding Martha’s hand and she announces that she can feel his hand. Flynn is called over and he does a stimulus test to see what Martha can feel. He starts by touching her toes lightly…but Martha can’t feel anything, but as Flynn motions on to just above the ankles Martha reacts – wait! I felt that! Great news.

Hayley plays nursemaid, wiping Kim’s brow. The physical intimacy is not lost on both of them, but the moment’s interrupted, they laugh sharing a smile…

Hyde comes in to overhear Irene telling Olivia she’s going to live with her now. Hyde pulls her aside – apart from the fact that Olivia has a living relative, for the girl’s sake, don’t go making promises you might not be able to keep! Irene refuses to listen to reason – he’s either with her, or he isn’t, it’s that simple.

Guest Cast




Fourteenth appearance, last seen in Episode #3991. Assisted in the investigations at the crash scene.


Morag Bellingham and Peter Baker both state Troy’s surname as being “Peters” in this episode, however it is credited as being “Bradley” throughout his tenure.