Episode 4001

Australian Air Date: 11th July 2005
UK Air Date: 26th December 2005
Writer: Leigh McGrath
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Shockwaves ripple through the Bay as the aftermath of the tragic accident unfolds.

Extended Summary

Alf sits alone in the hospital corridor, still trying to comprehend the horror that unfolded just a few hours earlier – and its fatal consequences…

At the accident scene: Alf slowly opens his eyes, reaches over to Chloe in the driver’s seat, and pulls her off the blaring horn. She groans in pain. Alf turns to Martha, Ric and Kim and calls out, trying to rouse them, but there’s no response. He stumbles from the vehicle – it’s a horrific sight. Ric starts to come around and leans over Kim to help Alf get the back door open. Kim starts to rouse… Ric tries to wake Martha but no matter what he does, she won’t come round.

Chloe climbs out of the car, holding her broken arm in pain… She starts looking for her phone, sobbing as the shock of accident starts to hit home… Martha finally begins to rouse but she’s struggling to breath, a branch pushing hard into her chest. In agony, Kim insists they move him out of the way so they can get to Martha. Panic strikes, as Martha stops breathing – Alf says they don’t have a choice – If they don’t get her out, she’ll die. Ric lifts the branch while he grabs Martha by the legs and pulls her roughly from the vehicle. Alf falls back from the strain. With Kim’s instruction, Ric gives her mouth to mouth to get her breathing again.

The hospital doors slam open as Martha is wheeled in through the corridor. Alf stands watching through the door, shell-shocked as the doctors discuss her spinal injury – what has he done? Alf remains silent as Dr Free explains that it’s difficult to assess the full extent of the damage until the swelling around her spine goes down. The other Ambulance officers wheel Kim in; Chloe and Ric walk in (Chloe still nursing her broken arm).

Chloe explains how it happened all so fast. She saw headlights – blinding headlights – she had no where to turn… It was like the car was heading straight for them. Her story is interrupted by an alarm. Ric rushes out of Martha’s room yelling for help – something’s wrong with Martha. The monitor at the side of her bed displays a steady flat line. Alf’s frantic – what’s going on?! Flynn, along with Doctor Free, restarts Martha’s heart with defibrillators. Alf watches through the swinging doors, powerless.

When Martha comes round, Alf tries to explain to her that she’s hurt her back…but Martha panics – she can’t feel her legs. She can’t feel anything. What’s happened to her!? Alf struggles to keep it together. Chloe fills Alf in on her compound fracture but insists she’s fine. She apologises to Alf – she was driving, but Alf insists he’s the only person to blame – he may have crippled his granddaughter!

Morag tells Alf to go home and rest, but he’s not leaving Martha alone tonight… Alf moves out of the room, heading for the coffee machine when he hears a curdling cry. He walks around the corner to see Irene drop into Hyde’s arms. Alf walks up and asks what’s going on? Dr Free explains Chloe suffered a fat embolism… Alf looks through to the Chloe’s room where the nurse is covering her… The doctor’s voice fades out as Alf is hit by the realisation that Chloe is dead.

Chloe’s body is laying peacefully in bed, Irene standing beside her, lost in reverie. Alf moves up and sits down next to her in silence. Irene leans into him – and as he holds her, she begins to sob. Alf can no longer hold back his emotions and tears begin to roll down his face as he finally lets out the anguish of his night from hell…

Guest Cast


Final episode. Died from an freak embolism following her survival from the horrific car accident.

Twentieth appearance, last seen in Episode #3981. Oversaw the aftermath of the car accident.

Third appearance, last seen in Episode #3948. Informed a devastated Alf of Chloe’s sudden death in hospital.

Admitted an injured Martha to hospital.

Sixteenth appearance, last seen in Episode #3980. Oversaw the aftermath of the car accident.

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