Episode 4014

Australian Air Date: 28th July 2005
UK Air Date: 12th January 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Catherine Roden

Ric lashes out at the other man in Cassie’s life, with crushing consequences. Tasha and Robbie set up home.

Extended Summary

“She’s definitely lying”. Ric’s filled Martha in on all that’s gone on. He’s so confused – has Cassie found someone else? Martha just finds it so hard to believe – from what she’s seen Cassie loves him a lot…

Ric goes to talk to Cassie but overhears her talking on the phone saying “I can’t meet you now – Ric’s already being weird, if he realises something’s up… Okay, okay, I’ll see you soon”. Ric reels – this is like a bad dream … He subtly follows Cassie to see a good looking guy meet her. They share a kiss on the cheek and hug, before linking arms and walking off. Ric’s face falls!

Tasha comes off the phone and says – it’s all set. Robbie’s thrilled – that means we can start getting organised! Beth enters and overhears the last line – organised for what? Tasha and Robbie cover, how can they tell her they’re moving out?! Robbie and Tasha are in Josie’s old apartment – and they’re moving stuff in! When the timing is right, they can tell Beth the truth. In the meantime, they have some time to themselves. They make the most of it and kiss passionately.

In anger, Ric grabs Steve and throws a punch as he is about to do more Cassie runs in and demands to know what’s going on?! But Ric barks at her, darkly – how did she expect him to react when she’s cheating on him?! Cassie can’t believe what she’s hearing, but Ric’s already storming off! Ric tells Cassie he deserves an explanation, but Cassie doesn’t even want to talk to him right now. Ric’s outraged – he can’t believe she’s turning this back on him for having a go at the guy for being with his girlfriend! It takes all of Cassie’s self control not to snap back, but she forces herself to keep her cool … She trails, angry, then heads for the stairs.

Ric’s still seething internally when Cassie comes to explain: Steve is her support ‘buddy’ from counselling. He’s going through a rough time right now, hence why she had to meet up with him. It’s confidential and that’s the reason she kept it from Ric – but also, she suspected Ric’d be jealous – and she was right. Ric apologises for lashing out at Steve like that and for not talking to her first – but the fact remains that she lied to him!

Cassie thinks it’s really telling that she felt uncomfortable being upfront, felt hesitant of his reaction… And she can’t get past the hurt that Ric would believe she’d cheat on him. Being with him, after Ben, was the deepest commitment she can imagine making to anyone. But there’s a part of each of them that doesn’t trust the other enough…so she thinks they should just cut their losses while they may be able to salvage some friendship. Ric lashes out with a “you know what? You’re right – I was wrong – we don’t have anything!” It’s anger and hurt speaking, but this frustrates and exasperates Cassie so much that she agrees – fine … The end of their relationship.

Guest Cast


Cassie’s counselling partner who Ric mistook to be having an affair with her.

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