Heath is told by Connie that he’ll be allowed supervised visits of Darcy only. Casey goes job hunting, having decided he and Tamara are going to move in together. Spencer convinces Maddy they should go home and give their parents another chance.

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Tamara finds a place to live at Irene’s. Casey’s sacked by John at the Surf Club. Heath turns a new leaf and takes over Angelo’s.

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Heath demotes Liam and promotes himself at Angelo’s. Liam steals money from the till. Sasha gives April a hard time after she discovers she helped Tamara with a place to stay at Irene’s. Jett’s made to do an assignment on his own by bully Tilda.

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Marilyn tries to help Alf and Celia resolve their issues. Rosie reveals the truth about her family to Sasha. Romeo and Indi decide to re-open the gym. Sid opens up to a psychiatrist but, having told the kids he’s at a medical convention, is busted by Dex.

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With Dex’s support, Sid moves back to the farmhouse to start all over again. Romeo and Indi get a loan to re-open the gym, and Sid joins them as a silent partner. Celia’s gambling partner Sheldon arrives and offers the chance to make money off one last bet.

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Natalie and Zac begin a romantic relationship. Brax has to fix the mess Heath has made of Angelo’s in his absence. Jamie is intimidated into beating up Casey. Celia stays strong and leaves Sheldon.

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Brax promises to help Heath win back visitation with Darcy. Indi and Romeo prove to themselves they can own their own business. Brax is furious with Zac for letting Casey be beaten up. Kyle catches Liam stealing money from the till.

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Liam continues lifting money from the till. Romeo gives Casey a job at the gym. April worries she’s pushed Dex into going back to uni too soon, but Dex is angry that April doesn’t believe in him.

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Dex and April take a break. Jett can’t physically defend himself against Tilda because she is a girl. Spencer and Maddy are reunited and decide to stay in Summer Bay with Roo and Harvey. Spencer’s dad arrives looking for him in the Bay.

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Spencer and Maddy decide to stay in the Bay. Jett reveals he feels he deserves to be bullied. Rosie is starting to smother Sasha.

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Dex and April don’t know how to treat each other post break up. Celia feels bad for the damage she’s caused to Heath and Bianca. Roo and Harvey enjoy being parents to Maddy and Spencer.


Celia decides to leave the Bay. Maddy decides to move in to Summer Bay House. A jealous Rosie swims into rough surf in an attempt to get Sasha to save her.


Casey saves Sasha and Rosie from the surf, but the girls friendship is very much in doubt. Kyle attempts to extend the olive branch to a wary Tamara. Brax swallows his pride and tells Casey to go to Zac if he needs help. Zac asks Natalie to let go of Brax.


Natalie tells Brax she has feelings for him but doesn’t want to be with him. The gym loses power right before the opening. Tilda resumes her bullying. Courtney stabs Casey.


Casey survives the stabbing and is transferred out of jail to the hospital. Brax warns Jamie to stay away from Casey. Liam continues to steal from Angelo’s. Tamara tells Kyle he’ll never be part of the Braxtons, after which Kyle leaves town. Jett gets the better of lying bully Tilda.


Casey won’t give a statement, even if it means he will go back to gaol. Tamara gives Casey an ultimatum – if he doesn’t give the statement, they are over. Romeo has an x-ray on his shoulder. Maddy wants to prove she’s not a child anymore.


Casey gives the statement. Romeo rejects Heath for a job at the gym, leading Heath to become frustrated because no one will give him a chance.


April realises that she’s lost without Dex. Romeo hires Heath at the Gym. Romeo goes to the city to see a specialist. Liam tells Brax he’s been stealing from him, so Brax fires him.


April and Dex are both struggling at Uni. Sasha thinks April and Dex should stop kidding themselves and get back together. Liam sends the money he has stolen from Angelo’s to his daughter. Gina confronts Tilda’s mother, but her efforts are in vain.


Jett finally gets the upper hand on Tilda. Tamara decides to return to school, only to be discouraged by uniform restrictions. Maddy and Roo work on the tension between them and arrive at a good place. Alf counsels Roo and Harvey to focus on their relationship. Casey gets some bad news from Zac.