Casey proves to be a destructive influence on Maddy. Pippa struggles with her symptoms and Sally decides they should move out. John gets work as a handyman clearing out Leah’s house. Jett gets to the bottom of Nina and Jett’s feud. April gets off to a bad start with the new doctor.


April is told to grow up and show some backbone by Dr Bradley. Sally must overcome her pride and accept help from Roo for Pippa’s sake. Drowning in debt, John thinks it is time he and Jett left the Bay to find more work. Faced with John leaving, Marilyn considers telling him her true feelings.


Ricky and Brax try to get through to Casey about his drinking. Sally’s concerned she’s pushed Roo and Harvey out of their home. Roo is worried about Casey and Maddy’s friendship. April and Dex practice conflict resolution techniques to combat Bradley’s dislike of April.


Alf comes up with a new plan for Pippa. Casey and Maddy’s friendship becomes increasingly destructive. Tamara faces her memories returning. April gets the chance to prove herself to Dr Bradley.


Tamara realises she still loves Casey, but her feelings for Kyle have not changed. Harvey seeks to find a way to right his wrong with Sally and Pippa. Bianca struggles to get Heath excited about wedding planning. Spencer and Sasha navigate their way around the rules of their newly resumed relationship.


Pippa has a seizure in front of Jett at school and Sally struggles to stay strong for her daughter. Jett warns Marilyn about trying to replace Gina, and she feels she has no option but to step away. Zac’s feelings for Bianca get the better of him.


Tamara feels lost, caught between her love for two brothers. Casey returns from hospital and is hostile towards Kyle. Marilyn and John work on their business idea, but Roo’s concerned about the amount of time they are spending together. Chris is falling in love with Indi. The Braxton brothers set off for Melbourne for Heath’s buck’s party.


Bianca decides to postpone the wedding. Heath’s buck’s weekend in Melbourne gets off to a rocky start. Sally agrees to tutor Tamara. Alf is shocked to discover that Pippa is planning her own funeral.


Heath is conflicted over Bianca’s suggestion to postpone the wedding, while Zac fears he may be the cause of her decision. Sally reaches out to a frightened Pippa.


Heath’s buck’s weekend takes a disastrous turn. Bianca is back in wedding mode, but has her moment of doubt ruined things between her and Heath? Chris’ quest for Indi stalls as he knocks heads with Sasha.


Sally anxiously waits for the money from the sale of the Blaxland to come through. Sasha tries to enlist support in her vendetta against Chris. Chris sweeps Indi off her feet with a romantic gesture. Marilyn is thrown into the deep end with Jett critiquing the bus tour on its trial run.


Marilyn and Jett are forced to sort out their differences, and are subject to a little divine intervention. Sally struggles to face the realities of taking Pippa to America. Dr Bradley has a surprise lesson for April. Leah makes a big life decision. Tamara must finally choose who she wants to be with.


Tamara decides who she wants to be with, will it be Kyle or Casey? Pippa returns to school, but wants more control in her life. Jett is still hurting over his breakup with Nina.


Casey and Maddy jeopardise their friendship. Roo and Brax judge Casey harshly for a perceived wrongdoing. Bianca surprises Sally with a generous offer. Sally makes a pact with Pippa to enjoy the time they have.


Bianca and Heath’s wedding day has arrived. The Braxton matriarch, Cheryl, arrives and there’s hell to pay for Kyle and Tamara. Casey and Kyle join forces to assist Jett in winning Nina back.


Spencer discovers that Chris isn’t the player he used to be. Indi decides that she is ready for a relationship. Harvey prepares for a visit from Winston.


Dex is offered a placement with the Flying Doctors. Chris gives Indi an ultimatum, he wants a relationship – it’s all or nothing. Sally supports Indi after she learns about Romeo’s cancer, telling her that when she’s ready to move on, she’ll know.


Sasha and Spencer confront Indi and Chris about their relationship, but are horrified when they get more than they bargained for.


Heath and Bianca finally get their act together, but will Cheryl ruin it for everyone? Maddy, still angry with Casey, finds a new boy to talk to. Is she flirting with disaster?


Casey manages to get Maddy away from Josh, but are they out of danger? Winston’s arrival causes headaches for some, but joy for others. Brax chats to Sally about Pippa and her treatment, will Sally manage to raise all the money she needs?