Zac is unsure about Hannah’s claims and heads to the Sanctuary Lodge. Things look dire for Casey. Chris makes waves at Irene’s.


Tamara wants to help Casey, but old feelings keep resurfacing. Brax receives some devastating news. Irene lays down the law with Chris.


Time is running out for Pippa who desperately needs her treatment. Now that Brax knows who’s responsible for Casey’s accident, he needs to decide on payback.


Will John standby whilst Winston tries to win Marilyn’s heart? Maddy gets in over her head with Josh. Alf faces the reality of losing a loved one.


Alf struggles with saying goodbye to Sally and Pippa. John and Winston fight for Marilyn’s affections, but will either man win? Zac is worried about the twins at the Lodge, but what can he do to help them?


Oscar is punished for contacting Zac. Ethan stops Zac and Hannah from contacting the twins. Brax struggles to help Casey, while Maddy begins to defend Josh. Spencer makes a decision to pursue his dark side.


Zac recruits some help in rescuing the twins, but Leah manages to get caught in the middle. Chris hatches a plan to win Irene over. Maddy’s feelings for Josh intensify.


Zac and Hannah talk Leah into helping Oscar, but she’s reluctant. Spencer’s erratic behaviour has Sasha on edge, and Chris thinks he knows the reason behind it. Brax is at a loss trying to motivate Casey into considering physio.


Ricky pleads with Tamara to help Casey. April and Dex land themselves in hot water when Bradley warns them to stay out of their patients’ lives. Despite her best efforts, Marilyn is once again drawn into a love triangle with Winston and John.


Kyle and Tamara struggle to begin a friendship following their breakup. April and Dex must decide who will quit. Heath is hurt that Bianca can’t accept her status as the wife of a Braxton. Winston is devastated by Marilyn’s rejection.


Is Dex’s decision to quit the best decision for him and April? Tamara struggles with her feelings for Casey, while Casey fights to get feeling back in his legs. Bianca and Heath find it hard to combine their very different lives.


Casey and Tamara try to decide how they feel about each other. Evelyn is desperate to get back to the lodge, but what lengths will she go to? How will Heath respond to Bianca’s challenge to make more out of his life?


Can Zac, Hannah and Oscar get through to Evelyn before it’s too late? Josh tries to apologise to Brax and Casey, but will they accept his apology? Brax finds out that his family and Josh’s have more in common than just Casey’s accident.


Spencer’s strange behaviour becomes dangerous for himself and his friends. Winston is set to leave the bay, but who is going with him? Why is Brax so interested in Josh and Andy Barrett?


What is Spencer so desperate to hide? Who is the mystery girl looking for Chris? Will John and Marilyn’s friendship survive some meddling from Winston? How will Dex cope with unemployment?


Chris has his hands full keeping Robyn and Indi away from each other. Leah is concerned about the police looking for Hannah and Zac. Ricky and Zac try to de-program Evelyn.


Hannah tries to keep the twins safe from Murray. Chris is in big trouble with Indi after she’s met Robyn. Brax is concerned about Josh Barrett’s welfare.


Ricky wants to know Brax’s connection to Josh. Casey, Kyle and Tamara struggle to be friends. Josh turns to Maddy for help when he decides he can’t trust Brax. Marilyn’s nerves get the better of her when preparing for the bus tour.


Casey and Tamara try to ignore their growing attraction. Dex is humiliated by Heath, and vows revenge. Spencer wants to live in the moment, but feels his medication restricts him. Heath wants to better himself, but keeps it secret from Bianca. Summer Bay Bus Tours gets off to a bumpy start. Dr Bradley reveals she is leaving the hospital.


There are a few bumps in the road for John and Marilyn’s bus tour. Sasha’s concerned about Spencer’s erratic behaviour. Dex plots revenge against Heath, but his revenge yields unexpected consequences. April deals with more change at the hospital.