Ricky escapes from Adam’s men, leaving Tamara behind. The Braxtons search for Tamara and Ricky. Heath goes to the city to be with Bianca. Indi is understaffed at the gym. Jett and Nina get back together. Marilyn apologises to John, but he’s not willing to re-start their friendship.


Adam terrorises Ricky and Tamara. Brax lies to Casey, telling him Tamara is safe. Kyle is set up by a photo of him buying a gun and leaves the bay. Harvey makes a mess of things volunteering at the gym. After a trying day at the hospital, Dex blurts out that he’s smarter than April.


Zac is concerned that Holly’s got a crush on him. Maddy makes friends with Holly. Natalie counsels Zac to be careful with Holly. April and Dex make up after Dex’s blunder.


Zac is on guard after Holly’s flirtations escalate at school. Rosie reveals that her foster parents know nothing about her pregnancy. John thinks Harvey’s having ‘relationship troubles’. Brax discovers there’s a link between Adam, Tamara and Ricky’s disappearance and Casey’s imprisonment.


Adam reveals that he’s behind the Braxton woes and makes Brax choose between Ricky and Tamara. Through Jett’s manipulation, John and Marilyn become friends again. Bianca helps Rosie talk to her foster mum about her pregnancy.


Brax refuses to adhere to Adam’s demands, but may regret the consequences. After several rejections, Holly is now accusing Zac of trying to kiss her. Tamara has not coped with captivity at all.


Tamara is admitted to hospital, with her memory of Summer Bay in tatters. Kyle, despite April’s warnings, provides comfort for Tamara until he is arrested. Bianca begins investigating Holly’s accusation. Brax refuses to give up on Ricky.


Maddy attempts to rekindle her friendship with Sasha & Spencer, but is angered when she notices Spencer watching Sasha wistfully. Dex is anxious and avoids looking at his uni results. John & Harvey challenge each other for the gym job.


Everyone can see Sasha and Spencer have feelings for each other. Jett is angry over another broken promise of John’s and runs away. John is the world’s worst patient, and spends his hospital stay torturing Dex. Dex is worried that he won’t progress any further with his mental recovery.


Brax continues to hunt Adam, but falls into his trap. Jett and John reconcile after Jett shows how hurt he was. Bianca and Zac find proof of his innocence, but not before the local paper prints Holly’s story.


Charlie returns to Brax as he fights for his life. Adam attempts to finish Brax off. Dex worries about being average. Bianca makes a public statement to defend Zac.


Brax wants to stay with Charlie. Heath feels powerless at seeing Brax in such danger. Dex comes to terms with how close he was to death. April worries that Kyle and Tamara are becoming too close. Casey returns home and is overwhelmed by the news of Tamara’s memory loss.


Leah & VJ return to Summer Bay, but Leah is terrified of being home alone. Tamara does not remember Casey. Casey decides to move out and is unhappy with Kyle’s interference. John is pretending to be still injured and Marilyn and Jett plot revenge.


Sasha and Spencer finally kiss after Indi’s meddling. Leah’s anxiety leads her to interior decoration. The Department are not happy with Bianca’s actions. Jett and Marilyn twist the knife until John finally breaks the charade.


Charlie encourages Brax to return to Ricky. Spencer and Sasha delay telling Maddy about their relationship. Everyone reacts to Bianca’s demotion.


Brax wants to see Ricky. Casey is hurt that Tamara has latched onto Kyle. Later, Kyle and Tamara kiss. Maddy organises a protest to save Bianca’s job. Spencer promises Roo that he’ll reveal his relationship to Maddy.


Brax wants Ricky to stay. Kyle struggles to control his feelings for Tamara. Zac confronts Natalie over her feelings for Brax. Maddy stages the protest to save Bianca’s job. Sasha and Spencer can’t tell Maddy the truth about their relationship.


Natalie and Zac’s domestic problems are affecting Leah. Things don’t go smoothly when Jett introduces VJ and Nina. Dex makes a big decision while compiling his bucket list.


Dex wants to propose to April, against his family’s advice. Marilyn is forced to question whether she and John are becoming too close.


Casey is finding it hard to deal with Tamara’s condition and slips further into depression. Heath struggles filling Brax’s shoes. Kyle tries to get Tamara to stay in the Bay. Roo wants to find out what’s bothering Marilyn.