Romeo takes Indi away on a romantic weekend. Kyle and Heath plan a last minute engagement party, much to Bianca’s concern. Zac tells Natalie she should go to Bianca’s engagement. Spencer’s brother Chris arrives in the Bay.


Romeo leaves a sleeping Indi. The engagement party is a bust when Casey punches Kyle after learning of his feelings for Tamara. Bianca is annoyed when Cheryl embraces Tamara as part of the family. Liam announces he’s leaving the bay. Ricky arrives in the bay.


Romeo and Liam leave the bay, whilst Indi wakes up to discover she’s alone. Sid is forced to explain to Indi about Romeo’s diagnosis. Brax grows closer to a slightly distant Ricky. Kyle tells Casey he’ll stay away from Tamara.


Rosie reveals that she’s been raped by Mullens. Sid tells Dex and Sasha that Romeo is dying. Chris gets Spencer to leave with him for few days, despite Harvey’s misgivings. Gina and John sign Jett’s adoption papers.


April’s jealous actions lead Dex to tell her they need to go on a real break. Dex opens up to Steph as he struggles with Romeo’s departure. Maddy takes up surf lifesaving. Zac asks Gina for teaching work at the school, but will his past count against him?


Spencer wants Maddy to leave the Bay and go back home with him. Indi reluctantly gives Casey his job at the gym. Chris hits on Indi. Indi can’t cope with all the reminders of Romeo.


Spencer decides to stay in the Bay with Maddy. Dex sleeps with Steph. April wants to get back together with Dex, but he tells her their relationship is over. Natalie encourages Brax to go after Ricky.


Brax wants to get closer to Ricky, who is distant. Connie takes back her promise to let Darcy visit. Sasha punches Mullens in the face after he’s cleared of rape charges.


Kyle threatens Mullens and kisses Tamara. Darcy calls Heath with shock news from the airport, Connie is taking her to live interstate. Jett’s adoption is stalled after DOCS query John’s health.


Brax finds out that Kyle still has feelings for Tamara and kicks him out. Sid does a medical assessment and John is concerned about the results. Jett is worried that he has caused John’s problems. Casey supports Indi and helps her see Romeo’s reasoning behind his decision.


Casey and Kyle, unable to resolve their differences, drive off together. Steph dumps Dex, feeling his baggage is too extreme. Gina and John’s adoption of Jett is processed.


Ricky tells Brax she likes him. Casey and Kyle work things out. Indi fires Casey, but her anger is actually misplaced anger towards Romeo. Casey steps up and is there for Indi.


Heath is devastated to learn his name is not on Darcy’s birth certificate and he has no legal rights. Chris plays Maddy and Spencer off against each other, and then hits on Indi. Indi confronts Sid about his knowledge of Romeo’s illness. Heath punches Zac.


After freaking out at the beach, Rosie wants April and Sasha to join her for a girls’ night in. Heath gives up on pursuing custody for Darcy’s sake. Zac gets a job at Summer Bay High. Maddy and Spencer realise they’ve been tricked by Chris.


Excited over their adoption of Jett, the Palmers prepare to go to the city. April decides she needs to move on. Rosie begins to work through her fear. Gina collapses unconscious at the wheel of the car.


John and Jett grieve the loss of Gina, whilst Jett blames himself for causing stress. Bianca takes charge at managing things at the school after Gina’s death. Maddy tells Spencer that she thinks their first time should be on his birthday. Spencer assures Maddy that he is going to do something about Chris.


Xavier arrives home for Gina’s funeral. John tells Jett that he is going to fight for the adoption. Tamara is worried that Casey is putting other people’s problems before his own. Brax realises that Ricky is hiding something.


John, Xavier and Jett are touched as the community gather for Gina’s funeral. Tamara realises that Casey missed the funeral because Indi needed his support, and apologises for being so hard on him. Brax learns that the police are looking for Ricky.


Dex finds out Steph is fudging her OBS. Natalie and Zac take Kyle on as a new housemate. Ricky finally opens up to Brax about her problems.


Dex reports Steph for not doing her OBS correctly, whilst Steph tells the hospital she and Dex have been intimate in the workplace. Bianca gets frustrated at Heath for not helping with wedding planning. Spencer and Maddy can’t go through with their ‘first time’. Bianca is offered Gina’s old position as principal.