John is at a loss without Gina, and doesn’t know how he’s going to raise Jett alone. Bianca struggles to make the role of Principal her own. Tamara is worried that Casey is putting others needs ahead of his study. Sasha is concerned about a friend of Mullens, and his interest in Rosie.


Chris makes it clear he’s interested in Indi. John decides to stop trying to be like Gina, and Jett is relieved. John receives a letter stating Jett’s adoption as void. Ricky secretly transfers a large sum of money into Connie’s account.


John is worried that he might lose custody of Jett. Ricky lies to Kyle and tells him that Brax is in money trouble, so Kyle agrees to do an illegal job to help him. Indi tries to set April up with Chris. April reveals if she can’t be with Dex, she doesn’t want to be with anyone.


Indi tries to play cupid with Dex and April, however when April finds out about Steph and Dex having sex at work, she is less than impressed. John finds out that adopting Jett alone is going to be difficult, but he doesn’t want to settle for just fostering him.


Adam is alive and out for vengeance from Brax, and he’s using Ricky to break up their family. Indi gives up matchmaking and hooks up with Chris, but Roo warns Indi that Chris might think their casual fling is serious. Dex and April are both ecstatic to realise they feel the same way about each other.


Zac tries to suss out what Lachlan’s interest in Rosie is about. Ricky plants a gun in Casey’s flat and photographs Kyle doing an illegal job.


Lachlan comes through for Rosie, and Mullens is finally charged for assault. Heath finds out from Darcy that Connie has accused him of stealing money. Jett is upset that the adoption has been put on hold.


Maddy and Spencer get back together. John and Jett agree that they don’t need a piece of paper to tell them they’re father and son. Connie reports that $100,000 was transferred to her from the Angelo’s bank account.


Tensions mount between Heath and Brax. Chris wants more out of his relationship with Indi. April and Dex are happy they’re back together, but April is still haunted by Steph.


Adam threatens to kill Brax if Ricky reveals their plans. John returns to work. Maddy and Spencer break up again. Indi breaks it off with Chris. Irene decides to go to Greece to visit Leah.


When Rosie faints at the Diner, Sid suspects that she could be pregnant. Spencer throws himself into caring about Rosie to distract himself from Maddy. Kyle agrees to do an illegal job for Ricky so he can help Brax. Ricky wants to run away with Brax to escape Adam’s plans


Rosie reveals to Zac and Spencer that she’s pregnant. Sasha doesn’t know how to help Rosie, and Sid encourages Rosie to see a counsellor. Jett kisses Nina, and John’s secretly proud of him.


Natalie and Zac are unsure whether they can get past their argument. Dex hears that he’ll need to appear in front of the hospital board to keep his job. Heath suggests that he and Bianca should have another baby. John suggests Jett take Nina on a date.


Bianca reveals she never wants to have another baby. Natalie and Zac feel awkward around each other after their fight. Jett’s date with Nina is a success, but he doesn’t seem pleased about it. Meanwhile, Maddy decides to get Spencer back.


Heath decides to stay with Bianca, Indi continues her search for Romeo with help from Chris and Maddy mistakenly thinks Spencer has moved on with Rosie.


Rosie decides to keep the baby. Spencer wants to support Rosie, but as a friend. Chris goes to visit his parents. Indi hires a private investigator to track down Romeo. Dex snaps under pressure and decides not to go to the board review.


Casey’s set up by Adam and is arrested. Roo warns Marilyn she may be getting too close to John. Tamara starts to clue on to Ricky and Adam’s plan. Ricky wants Adam to stop, but he’s going to escalate the situation.


John understands why Jett broke up with Nina. Dex faces the board with unexpected results. Tamara’s suspicious that Kyle is to blame for the Braxton disharmony. Adam tells Ricky it’s time to dump Brax


Casey is in remand, and tells the police that he doesn’t know anything about the money and the gun in the flat. After seeing the world of pain that she has caused for Brax and Casey, Ricky’s guilt is beginning to eat away at her. Wanting what’s best for her baby, Rosie decides to drop out of school and asks Sasha and Spencer to support her decision.


Marilyn is finding it difficult to take a step back from John and Jett. Kyle confronts Ricky about her involvement with Casey’s arrest. Bianca convinces Rosie to stay in school, and says she’ll do everything to support her.