Jett and Nina continue to elude an increasingly worried John. Tensions in the high school peak when a fire is started – who is the culprit? Andy returns to the Bay, but he’s suffering from a wound.


Andy Barrett is badly injured, and his hopes rest on Heath, Nate and Ricky. Bianca tries to get to the bottom of the school fire. The MacGuires attempt to find normalcy in the Bay, but can the kids move on after the cult? Roo’s upset everyone seems to have given up hope on Harvey.


Sasha isn’t sure if she can be there for Spencer any more. Chris is blinded by his own heartbreak. Jett and Nina are still missing and its tearing John apart. Roo is avoiding Harvey’s daughter, but Alf and Marilyn think she needs to open up to her. Ethan wants the twins to move back in with them, but will they trust him?


Groomzilla Dex takes over the wedding preparations. Sasha and Spencer are taking a break, but what will happen when Chris decides to help? Has Jett lost John’s trust forever? Tamara and Casey are at crossroads in their relationship – what will they decide?


Casey and Tamara’s break-up is not easy on either of them. Will Sasha come to term with Casey being Dex’s best man before the wedding? Will Casey be awarded his HSC? Ms. Montgomery is becoming more and more unhinged – how far will she go?


Sasha faces an uncertain future when Sid tells her she can’t stay in the Bay alone. April and Dex re-evaluate what their wedding is truly about. Tamara struggles to pretend to be with Casey when her true feelings are so confused.


Spencer tries to find a way for Sasha to stay in Summer Bay. Marilyn is disappointed that John can’t take her to the wedding. Casey and Heath vie for the management decision at the gym. Chaos reigns as the wedding day finally arrives for April and Dex.


Will April go through with the wedding? Indi makes a decision about who will run the gym. The Walkers bid farewell to Summer Bay, but will Sasha go with them? Hannah and Zac fight their growing attraction.


Ricky and Kyle have a draining visit with Brax. Kyle is concerned about Nate’s interest in Ricky. Josh is annoyed by Maddy treating him like a charity case.


Zac and Hannah have to decide between their feelings for one another and providing a home for the twins. Leah’s appalled by Montgomery’s bullying of the students. Jett enlists Alf’s help to make things up to John and Marilyn.


Ricky struggles with her choices as more people find out about her pregnancy. Irene tells Chris that he has to get a job. Bianca makes a formal complaint about Ms. Montgomery, but how will she react?


Chris starts his first day working at the Diner. Montgomery retaliates after Bianca files a complaint against her. Tamara tries to think of a way to help integrate the Summer Bay and Mangrove River students. What will Ricky decide about the baby?


Heath is charged with assault, it’s his word against Montgomery’s. What will the department decide about Bianca’s complaint against Montgomery? Matt has the hots for Evelyn, but how will Oscar react? Tamara’s concert idea begins to grow, with Kyle’s help.


Oscar is worried that Evelyn’s friendship with Matt will end badly. Maddy and Josh are back together, but will Andy get between them? Hannah invites Nate for dinner, but will Zac really be cool with it? Roo returns from the city to realise that her friends have been tiptoeing around her.


Will Ricky decide to tell Brax? Will Andy’s interference mean an end for Maddy and Josh’s relationship? Jett tries to help Marilyn and John with their new relationship. Roo’s life starts to spiral because of her worry for Harvey.


Ricky’s finally going to tell Brax about her pregnancy, but how will he take the news? Nate receives a phone call that could see him leave the Bay. Kyle and Tamara’s friendship strengthens as they furiously plan the music festival. Roo and Alf question whether they should allow Maddy and Josh to be together.


Ricky struggles to cope after Brax breaks up with her. Brax’s brothers are determined to find out what’s at the heart of his strange behaviour. Nate is forced to question whether he really wants to leave the Bay. John’s roped into helping out at the music festival, despite misgivings about the kind of people Jett will run into.


Montgomery plans her revenge. Kyle is ecstatic that old friend Phoebe has arrived in the bay. The festival gets underway, where friendships and relationships are tested. Ethan returns, wanting his children Evie and Oscar back at any cost. Is Ricky losing her baby?


Montgomery puts her plan into action. As the festival continues, Maddy and Josh think about taking the next step in their relationship. Ricky is kept in hospital and there are still concerns for the baby.


As Ricky’s given the all clear, Brax is transferred to another prison. Evie, Oscar and Kyle are kidnapped by Ethan. Roo is shocked when Harvey returns alive, what turmoil has he been through? The residents lives are in danger when Montgomery enacts her revenge – who won’t survive the bomb blast?