Tamara wants to be with Kyle. Kyle’s racked with guilt for betraying his brother. Casey’s friends are concerned by his behaviour. Marilyn tries to avoid John and dispel the feelings she has for him.


Brax isn’t impressed when he hears about Kyle and Tamara. Tamara allows Casey to help her remember their relationship. Marilyn tries to hide her feelings for John, telling him that she has a virus. Holly finds her perfect revenge in the form of Sasha and Spencer’s secret.


Casey is outraged to find Ricky has returned to the Bay. Maddy pretends she’s fine with Sasha and Spencer’s relationship. Jett tries to convince VJ and Nina to forgive each other.


Brax wants to work things out with Ricky, so Heath decides to step up and help his brother. Natalie and Zac face tough decisions about their relationship. April is saddened that Dex has lost his enthusiasm for ‘seizing the day’.


Connie and Heath try to work out a custody deal for Darcy. Marilyn continues to fake an illness to cover her love sickness. Zac ponders the ‘Braxton effect’ and their appeal to women. April’s romantic plans are marred by a dangerous threat.


April’s life hangs in the balance after a venomous snake bite. Dex realises his slow response cost April precious time. Zac wants to help Natalie resolve her mother issues. Heath and Connie butt heads over her custody arrangement.


Natalie decides to leave the Bay to find her mother. Bianca and Dex pray that April recovers from her snakebite. Holly shows up at Zac and Leah’s, clearly out for revenge. Brax and Ricky can’t agree on their future.


Zac is angry that he has to once again clear his name. Leah tries to get to the heart of Holly’s behaviour. Tamara faces a tough decision when her parents arrive in the Bay. Casey struggles to deal with Brax and Ricky’s relationship.


Tamara has a big decision to make. Indi tries to help Casey. Rosie’s going away party gets awkward when Maddy arrives.


Maddy warns Sasha that Spencer will never sleep with her. Sasha talks to Spencer about intimacy and the two grow closer. John looks for ways to escape his mounting debt. Sid gets a job offer and ponders leaving his family.


Sally Fletcher and daughter Pippa return to Summer Bay. Sid considers leaving the bay. Brax tries to break through Casey’s facade. Sasha and Spencer’s first time together is interrupted by Maddy. Rosie prepares to leave Summer Bay.


The residents welcome back Sally and Pippa, but Roo feels threatened by Sally’s return. Zac’s troubles with Holly escalate. Sasha’s trapped in the Spencer and Maddy love triangle.


Sally shows Pippa around the bay, while Roo wonders if Sally’s hiding something. Sally reveals her heartbreaking secret to Alf. Zac tries to reach out to Holly. Bianca races against time to reach Holly and Zac.


Sally has to reveal Pippa’s diagnosis to Leah, whilst Sid gives Sally some hope. Jett’s concern over VJ’s welfare brings the boys closer. Tamara and Kyle are pushed to breaking point by a disconsolate Casey. April and Dex wonder if they should join Sid in Broken Hill.


The residents throw a farewell party for Sid, whilst April and Dex wonder if they should join him and Sasha in Broken Hill. Kyle has to choose between Casey and Tamara. Ricky and Brax’s happiness is short-lived after an unexpected knock at the door.


Sally faces a hard decision. Brax wants Casey to give a positive testimony for Ricky. Indi and Dex decide to throw a party. Dex asks April to move in. Indi tries to help Casey.


Leah anxiously awaits news about VJ’s health. Casey is faced with an embarrassing day after drunkenly kissing Indi. Irene is overworked at the Diner. Tamara tries to ignore the fact her memories are returning.


Sally struggles to find the right moment to tell Pippa she’s sick. Maddy tries to rekindle her friendship with a reluctant Spencer. Kyle and Tamara worry what the return of her memories mean for them.


Maddy’s friendship with Spencer is threatened by an unexpected twist. Bianca expects Heath to take her to the Principals Dinner. Jett and VJ play detective to discover what’s wrong with Pippa. Pippa starts her first day at school.


Pippa learns the truth about her illness. Sally makes promises to Pippa that she knows she can’t keep. Bianca’s nervous about facing the Principals Dinner alone. Zac tries to convince Heath to be there for Bianca. Irene’s overworked and desperately needs support.