Heath keeps his study a secret from Bianca. Maddy and Josh rely on Marilyn to keep their secret. Brax wants to get answers in Mangrove River, but is haunted by his past mistakes.


The Braxtons are left reeling when they hear Brax’s confession. Tensions are rife in the MacGuire household with Oscar blaming Zac for Evelyn re-joining the cult. Roo and Alf are worried sick with Maddy missing.


Spencer continues to lie to Sasha. Kyle seeks comfort in an unexpected place. Hannah, Zac and Oscar are briefly reunited with Evelyn, but can they convince her to stay?


Spencer opens up to Alf. Leah is concerned about Hannah and Zac’s plans to move in together. The situation with Robyn makes Indi think of exes – and Romeo.


Indi pushes Chris away as she struggles to deal with the news of Romeo’s death. Spencer thinks he’s found an answer to dealing with Bipolar without medication. Tamara knows she’s growing too close to Casey.


Kyle has to handle Casey and Tamara becoming a couple. Robyn pushes Indi to breaking point. The brothers prepare for Brax’s day in court.


The day of Brax’s sentencing has arrived, and tensions in the court threaten to erupt. Andy reveals to Josh that Brax killed their father, and he has payback in mind. Marilyn has a feeling that something bad may happen.


Hannah and Nate work desperately to save Josh’s life. Jett asks John to be honest to Marilyn about his feelings. Ricky faces her future without Brax. Oscar is having trouble adjusting to life in Summer Bay without his sister.


Indi is apprehensive as she waits for Romeo’s ashes to arrive – is she ready to say goodbye? Spencer is eager to get help from Murray and his followers, and Evelyn is caught in the middle. Oscar’s increasingly worried about his sister. Romeo’s death has made April reflect, and she makes a big decision.


April and Dex’s engagement gets off to a rocky start. Ricky tries to help Josh. Spencer’s interest in Serenity Lodge makes Oscar and Sasha worry. Evelyn wants to know what happens at the Discovery Weekend.


The Braxton brothers face a tough decision now that Brax is in gaol. Evelyn is dismayed when Spencer arrives at the Lodge – will Sasha be enough to get through to him? Bianca has to decide whether she’ll take on Mangrove River students at Summer Bay High.


The Mangrove River and Summer Bay High school merge gets off to an interesting start when Bianca meets the Mangrove River principal, Ms Montgomery. Jett is heartbroken when Nina breaks things off between them. Robyn devises a plan to win back Chris.


Roo’s concerned that Maddy’s relationship is getting her into trouble. Indi confronts Robyn over her lie. Jett’s still dealing with his breakup, and gets angry when John won’t take his own advice. It’s time for John to be honest with Marilyn about his feelings.


Dex helps Heath study. Bianca tries to find common ground with Montgomery. Maddy blames Roo for Josh breaking up with her. Roo receives some devastating news.


Josh goes missing from the hospital and the countdown is on to find him. Casey believes in Tamara’s ability to ace her exam, but Tamara isn’t so sure. Bianca has a battle on her hands to win over the Mangrove River kids. A new student from Mangrove River is out to cause trouble for Summer Bay.


Kyle is suspicious as to why Nate is hanging around. Josh re-thinks his break-up with Maddy. Bianca is forced to deal with the Mangrove River kids after they trash her office. Oscar struggles with Zac as a father figure.


Chris tries to persuade Spencer to leave the cult. Tensions are high between Kyle and Casey. Roo is determined to keep a positive attitude while Harvey is missing, but is she being honest with herself?


Indi wonders what her dreams of Romeo mean. Roo’s friends are concerned for her. Jett’s still obsessed with finding a way to be with Nina. Heath struggles with confidence issues leading up to his exam.


The Discovery Weekend arrives, and Evelyn’s apprehensive about what waits for her and Spencer. John is forced to reveal their financial dilemma to Jett. Roo wants to help Dex and April plan their wedding to keep her mind off Harvey being lost at sea.


Evelyn and Spencer try to escape the cult, but Spencer’s injuries slow them down. Casey wants to get his HSC, but can he overcome all the obstacles? The Braxtons are concerned with how Ricky’s coping without Brax.