With April’s support, Dex decides to return to Uni. Bianca is worried that Adam has killed Heath. Brax, Kyle and Jamie search for a missing Heath.


Brax cuts ties with Adam. Casey is in prison and befriends Zac but also makes an enemy. Meanwhile, Sid delivers heartfelt advice to Sasha – that she needs to move on.


Casey moves to Leah’s following Kyle’s arrival at the share house. Tamara tells Casey her intentions for their relationship. Meanwhile, Celia and Colleen fuss over Harvey’s chickenpox.


April squashes Dex’s fears that he will never again lead a normal life. She says that with family and friends everything will be alright. Meanwhile, Casey rejects Tamara’s advances.


Covering Celia’s secret it’s clear to Roo, Harvey and Marilyn, this is more than just an extended stay. Jett pushes Liam for information on VJ’s whereabouts to no avail.


The Braxtons capture Jamie as a way of getting to Adam. Celia’s secret motives are closer to being revealed when she takes a mysterious phone call. Maddy and Spencer question whether they should remain on the run or seek help.


Adam and Jamie are arrested following Adam’s confession. Jett’s crush on Indi develops when she comes over to babysit, but Romeo crashes the party. Off the back of Heath’s new found maturity, he and Bianca decide to move in together.


Romeo foils Jett’s plans to cause friction between him and Indi. Sasha completes her Science assignment with new friend Rosie. Alf and Irene are suspicious of Celia when sums of money are stolen and then returned. Casey refuses to bow to Courtney’s demands.


Dex and Sasha host a toga party at the farmhouse, but it doesn’t go to plan. Brax and Casey address Courtney’s assault. Rosie takes to Casey but it disappointed to learn he wasn’t hitting on her, he was simply being nice.

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