Episode 5661

Australian Air Date: 21st January 2013
UK Air Date: 18th February 2013
Writer: Louise Bowes
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

With April’s support, Dex decides to return to Uni. Bianca is worried that Adam has killed Heath. Brax, Kyle and Jamie search for a missing Heath.

Extended Summary

Jamie returns to Summer Bay after leaving Heath for dead out in the ocean. Liam confronts him about the fishing trip, so Jamie lies and tells him that it was cancelled. At the same time, Bianca is thrilled to receive Heath’s message – he wants to be with her. However, she’s concerned to find that Heath hasn’t returned yet and asks Brax for help. While the boys look for Heath, Bianca receives a text from Adam implying that he’s responsible for Heath’s disappearance.

Brax and Kyle speak to Liam and realise that Jamie is covering something up. Soon afterwards, this is confirmed when Kyle discovers Heath’s bag in Jamie’s boat. Brax forces Jamie to lead them to Heath. As they frantically search for Heath, Brax doubts whether Jamie is taking them in the right direction. Kyle counsels Jamie that it’s not too late – he has dad issues as well, but he’s looking for a chance to make things right. Jamie makes a decision – he’s going to help them. They find the tiny boat Heath was in, but he’s gone and only bloody water remains…

Dex is unsure if he should return to his studies, while April looks forward to university. Romeo, Indi and April can’t help but pick up on his anxiety. Irene tells April that she should be mindful of all the opportunities Dex has lost, but that she’s sure he’s not jealous of her success. Dex reveals to April that he’s concerned about becoming a nurse with his seizures. April tells him not to give up, advising that he should take on a reduced workload. Dex thinks it’s going to take forever, but April is adamant – she finishes in five years and they should aim to finish at the same time.

Guest Cast



This year saw a continued absence of the opening credits, however five new 5-second bumpers were introduced, which rotate on a week-to-week basis.