Episode 5663

Australian Air Date: 23rd January 2013
UK Air Date: 20th February 2013
Writer: Sandy Webster
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Casey moves to Leah’s following Kyle’s arrival at the share house. Tamara tells Casey her intentions for their relationship. Meanwhile, Celia and Colleen fuss over Harvey’s chickenpox.

Extended Summary

Upon returning from his stint at the detention centre, Casey is incensed to find that Brax has given Kyle a place to stay at the share house. Adamant that he can’t live under the same roof as Kyle, he briskly moves into Leah’s. Things go from bad to worse when Casey is late for a shift at Angelo’s and finds that his workload has been given to Tamara. It’s the final nail in the coffin and Casey quits, before being convinced by Natalie to give Brax another chance – he’s trying his best to juggle his brothers the best he can.

The love triangle that is Casey-Tamara-Sasha takes another turn when Sasha surprises everyone with a cake for Casey’s birthday. The gesture motivates Tamara to confront Casey at Leah’s. She’s not giving up the fight for Casey – she wants this relationship more than anything. In the wake of her break-up with Casey, Sasha takes another hit when Gina suggests that she should repeat Year 11 at Summer Bay High again.

Colleen is fussing over Harvey with the belief that he’s contracted chickenpox from Lottie. Bemused by the attention, Harvey insists the care is unwarranted – he feels fine.

Alf enjoys the pleasure of his new iPod.