Episode 5666

Australian Air Date: 28th January 2013
UK Air Date: 25th February 2013
Writer: Cameron Welsh
Director: Jason Holman

The Braxtons capture Jamie as a way of getting to Adam. Celia’s secret motives are closer to being revealed when she takes a mysterious phone call. Maddy and Spencer question whether they should remain on the run or seek help.

Extended Summary

It’s payback time for the Braxtons following Heath’s kidnapping and assault by Adam and Jamie. Having physically intimidated Jamie, Brax decides it’s best for the brothers to play things smart – to get to Adam they’ll have to use Jamie as bait. Kyle is keen on getting in on the action, so Brax allows him the chance to help out – he’s got to be trusted at some point, right? Heath lures Jamie to the pier and apologises for the way things turned out. In feigning courtesy, Heath mentions that he overheard Brax talking to Liam on the phone about Leah, but Brax left for Leah’s place a short while back. Hunting Leah’s whereabouts, Jamie heads to Leah’s and overhears Brax and Liam talking about her safety – unaware the conversation is a set-up. With details of her location, Jamie goes to a house in Mangrove River only to discover it’s a trap – Leah’s not there, but Kyle is…

Meanwhile, Alf and Marilyn can’t break it to Celia that she’s been fired from the Diner. Instead, they convince her that her services would be better spent helping out at the caravan park. Having appointed herself as guest relations manager, Celia sits down to a game of poker with Harvey. When Harvey suggests they play for 5c pieces, Celia snaps – with a friend having suffered from gambling problems, she refuses to play any game that involves a monetary sum. The game is interrupted when Celia takes a mystery phone call. To the unidentified caller, she reiterates that she didn’t want them making any contact – she is handling the situation and will call when everything has been taken care of. The reason for Celia’s extended stay is being revealed piece by piece…

Spencer and Maddy sleep at Summer Bay High yet again. Waking to a new school day, Spencer’s concerns for Maddy deepen when it seems she is getting sick. When Sasha finds their blankets in the corridor, she takes them. Crossing with Roo in the Diner, the connection between the caravan park’s missing blankets and who’s sleeping at the school is made. Roo enlists Sasha’s help to leave dinner and a note by Spencer and Maddy’s sleeping place. With Roo’s phone number on the note, the two teens disagree about making contact. Maddy knows what will happen should their parents find them in Summer Bay. However, Spencer is worried for Maddy’s health – if he doesn’t seek help from Roo, she might get worse. What are they going to do?