Episode 5665

Australian Air Date: 25th January 2013
UK Air Date: 22nd February 2013
Writer: Fiona Bozic
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Covering Celia’s secret it’s clear to Roo, Harvey and Marilyn, this is more than just an extended stay. Jett pushes Liam for information on VJ’s whereabouts to no avail.

Extended Summary

Celia reveals to Alf that she fell for someone, only to discover that he was a conman – one that has taken her for all she’s worth. Alf is left with no option but to offer Celia a place to stay. Covering Celia’s secret, it’s clear to Roo, Marilyn and Harvey that there’s more to her extended visit than meets the eye. With Celia on the hunt for a job, Marilyn takes her to the Diner for a shift with Irene. However, Celia spends the day chatting to customers and Irene orders Marilyn to bite the bullet – she has to be fired. But can they go through with it?

Spencer arrives at the Diner intent on working off his breakfast debt from earlier that morning. Caught by Roo sneaking into the muffins, Spencer starts to reveal his and Maddy’s history – their parents died and they’re just waiting for the will money to come through. Conflict between Spencer and Maddy suggests their problems run much deeper and they are yet again forced to sleep amongst nature, with a nearby dingy becoming their home for the night.

Jett presses Liam for VJ’s whereabouts, only to be told it’s none of his business. It seems despite his protestations, he’ll never find out what’s happened to his best mate. On the pier, Jett discloses his concerns to Indi – he doesn’t really have any other friends. Indi reassures Jett that one day VJ will come back. In the meantime, she’ll be his friend.