Episode 5667

Australian Air Date: 29th January 2013
UK Air Date: 26th February 2013
Writer: Brooke Wilson
Director: Jason Holman

Adam and Jamie are arrested following Adam’s confession. Jett’s crush on Indi develops when she comes over to babysit, but Romeo crashes the party. Off the back of Heath’s new found maturity, he and Bianca decide to move in together.

Extended Summary

Adam finds Brax at Angelo’s, wanting to know what he’s done with Jamie. After talking to Jamie on the phone, Adam questions what Brax wants. It’s simple – all he has to do is turn himself into the cops and Jamie will be freed. Adam tells Brax he’s not worried – the police won’t believe a word Brax says. However, John enters having recorded Adam’s confession on his phone, and Liam enters as a witness. It seems Adam has shown his final hand. Soon afterwards, both Adam and Jamie are arrested. Despite the charges, Adam turns to Brax with a warning – they’ll see each other again soon.

With VJ still away, Jett embarks on a new friendship with Indi. It’s soon evident that impressionable Jett may be falling for her a little harder than first thought. When Gina and John insist upon a babysitter while at the principal’s function, Jett floats the idea of Indi – she can get some study done, get some pay and they can hang out together. The ‘babysit’ seems to be going well, that is until Romeo turns up and steals Indi’s attention. Romeo is an obstacle that Jett is going to have to overcome.

Bianca attends her first day back at school and is surprised to find Heath arriving to walk her home at the end of the day. Taking a stroll on the beach, they address Heath’s growing maturity – he’s really trying to make something of his life. The idea of moving in together is raised and their union is sealed with a kiss. However, not everyone is convinced. Some banter between the Braxton brothers sees Brax laughing off Heath’s motivations – Heath getting his life together? He’ll believe it when he sees it.