Episode 5669

Australian Air Date: 31st January 2013
UK Air Date: 28th February 2013
Writer: Nicky Arnall
Director: Jason Holman

Dex and Sasha host a toga party at the farmhouse, but it doesn’t go to plan. Brax and Casey address Courtney’s assault. Rosie takes to Casey but it disappointed to learn he wasn’t hitting on her, he was simply being nice.

Extended Summary

Brax is worried to find Casey home early with bruises on his face. Casey says that it’s nothing, but Brax isn’t convinced. Soon afterwards, Brax confronts Natalie and Zac about it – pointing out that having Zac around was supposed to give Casey some protection. Casey later discovers Natalie and Zac have a history and that worse still, Brax had asked Nat to have Zac look out for him. Both Braxton brothers soon find themselves apologising for their outbursts – Brax to Nat and Zac, and Casey to Brax. A late night talk outside Angelo’s sees Brax saying how proud he is that Casey didn’t fold to thug Courtney. Casey then reveals that despite doing time inside, he may yet finish his HSC and study a trade after all.

Dex and April discuss uni – ‘O’ Week is coming up and April would like to do it together. Dex isn’t so keen as he’s supposed to be taking it slow, but when Irene raises a toga party at the farm house, Dex jumps at the idea. Sid puts his foot down, declaring that there won’t be any parties, but Sasha and Dex feel otherwise. The toga party doesn’t quite go as planned for anyone. April’s jealousy kicks in when Dex’s hot uni friends take his attention. The reverse occurs when a ‘stripping jock guy’ dances for April. Rosie’s night also goes from bad to worse as she mistakenly thinks that Casey is hitting on her. The party comes to a halt when Sid marches in. He implores Dex to take things easy but Dex bites back – he’s sick of living like an invalid. Fun, however, has its consequences when April confronts him some time later. She was disgusted by just how much he was enjoying the attention from the girls.