Episode 5689

Australian Air Date: 28th February 2013
UK Air Date: 28th March 2013
Writer: Stephen Vagg
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Dex and April take a break. Jett can’t physically defend himself against Tilda because she is a girl. Spencer and Maddy are reunited and decide to stay in Summer Bay with Roo and Harvey. Spencer’s dad arrives looking for him in the Bay.

Extended Summary

Dex lashes out at April over her lack of belief in him. Irene doesn’t understand April’s backflip – she was the one pushing him back to uni. April doubts whether he can handle the stress, but Irene thinks she should trust him. Soon afterwards, April and Dex argue and it seems they don’t view his progress the same way. Sid sees April upset and goes to comfort her. Wanting to show them that he’s not incapable, Dex jumps in the driver’s seat and turns on the ignition. However, he suffers flashbacks of the accident and Sid runs over, taking the keys. Dex and April decide their relationship is in a rut – they’re stuck in their carer/patient role. They decide to take a break, and both are heartbroken.

Jett is still pretending to be sick to get out of school, but John and Gina force him to return. Jett is wary of Tilda, and as he fears, she resumes her bullying. Jett volunteers to be Gina’s assistant for the afternoon to get away from Tilda, but Gina misunderstands and thinks Jett has a crush on Tilda. Later, Tilda physically assaults Jett, but he can’t hit back because she’s a girl. She warns him not to tell Gina and taunts him about his dead mother. John witnesses Tilda punching Jett, and suddenly realises why Jett’s been acting so strangely.

Roo is overjoyed to see Spencer back in the Bay. It turns out that he couldn’t fix things with his father over Maddy, and he’s not able to see her – she’s being sent away to boarding school. Later, Maddy shows up at Roo’s. Roo races to the bus stop to catch Spencer before he leaves again, but they arrive too late. Luckily Spencer gets off the bus and shares a warm embrace with Maddy. They’re back together, and a joyful Roo and Harvey look on. Everything is great until Spencer’s father shows up – he wants Spencer to come back home.