Episode 5690

Australian Air Date: 1st March 2013
UK Air Date: 29th March 2013
Writer: Brooke Wilson
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Spencer and Maddy decide to stay in the Bay. Jett reveals he feels he deserves to be bullied. Rosie is starting to smother Sasha.

Extended Summary

Roo and Harvey try to convince Spencer to reason with his dad. Harvey knows Roo wants these kids back in their life, so he has an idea – they should offer Maddy and Spencer emotional and financial support as long as they go to school and study. Harvey gets Spencer’s dad to come and talk to him. Spencer refuses to leave with his father and hugs him goodbye, but his feeling of grief is palpable – he’s letting go of his family. Roo and Harvey offer all their support. As the day continues, Alf gives Maddy a gift – an old violin he’s had re-tuned. It looks like this situation is going to work out for everyone.

Meanwhile, Celia muses on the nature of love to Alf. She’s shocked to see a passionate Heath and Bianca walk past – what is a girl like Bianca doing with a man like Heath? She lectures a shocked Bianca, telling her that she’s making a mistake being with Heath. Irene puts Celia in her place, explaining their recent loss of Rocco and how supportive Heath was of Bianca. Feeling bad about her earlier judgements on Heath, Celia apologises, but it’s clear the two of them are from different worlds. Prompted by Celia’s earlier conversations, Heath proposes to Bianca.

John tells Gina that Tilda has been bullying Jett, but Jett pleads with them to leave it alone. Later, Gina asks Sasha to have a chat with Jett about bullying, so she skips a planned lunch with Rosie. Sasha tells Jett that he needs to talk about what he’s going through, but Jett bursts out that he deserves to be bullied, because he was a bully himself.

Rosie is upset about Sasha not meeting her – she feels Sasha is pulling away. Rosie gives Sasha a friendship necklace and Sasha is touched by the gesture, but she soon feels smothered as Rosie waits for her for four hours as she finishes her shift.