Episode 5687

Australian Air Date: 26th February 2013
UK Air Date: 26th March 2013
Writer: Kate Bradley
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Brax promises to help Heath win back visitation with Darcy. Indi and Romeo prove to themselves they can own their own business. Brax is furious with Zac for letting Casey be beaten up. Kyle catches Liam stealing money from the till.

Extended Summary

Zac is dismayed to see that Casey has been beaten up. He won’t talk, but Zac promises to see if he can get an early release. Soon afterwards, Casey is upset when Tamara visits him – he doesn’t want her to see him in gaol. An upset Tamara then tells Brax about Casey’s injuries. After he’s released early, Casey visits Brax at Angelo’s. Brax is angry to hear that Jamie has been moved to the prison and is behind Casey’s beating. He also counsels Casey to not push Tamara away – he knows from experience that the special ones need to be treated right. Brax goes to see Natalie, but loses his cool with Zac, blaming him for Casey’s problems with Jamie. Natalie reminds Brax that Zac is the only one helping Casey in prison. At the same time, Casey apologises to Tamara and explains why he was so upset to see her in gaol – he needs to keep prison and real life separate.

Brax is impressed by Kyle and his work after Liam vouches for him. Kyle stands up to Brax about being down on Heath – he tried his best when Brax unexpectedly took off, and while he was away Heath lost visitation rights to see Darcy. Liam asks him about becoming manager again. Brax, with new found confidence in his brother, tells Liam to take it up with Heath. Unable to hide his disappointment, Liam steals cash from the till that night and Kyle catches him.

Indi and Romeo are intimidated by all the work that needs to be done at the gym, on top of the rent and insurance. They ask Roo for help, but everyone ends up weighing in. On top of that, everyone tells them instead of paying them, Romeo and Indi can give them free membership. They are soon overwhelmed by all the advice, so Indi loses it and storms out. Romeo tells her they can solve this by being forthright about making decisions together. They take charge in the planning for the gym and decide everyone will be paid for their work – no more free memberships or mates’ rates. Sid tells Indi that he’s impressed with them for keeping everyone in line. Romeo and Indi feel confident that they can make the gym successful.